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A-Ni-Ha-Sei-Yo (Hello in Korean), i had not been updating my blog for one week already, actually was just back from the land of Kam-Sa-Ha-Mi-Da (Thank You in Korean) here n there. It was great, and i really love Korea lar!!!!!!!! Btw this post is just to keep my blog updated, edy one week no online. >.<
@ Seoul, In front of dono which shopping mall.

Oh ya as a Christian, i m so happy that i get to attend the Sunday Service of the world LARGEST CHURCH last Sunday, in Yoido Full Gospel church, the church founded by Dr Cho, the church wth 780,000 members!!!!!! ok this post is all about this church, other photos of korea will blog about it next time lar. *Btw, if u r a Christian but u still dono what is Yoido Full Gospel Church, i suggest u read more. LOL. General Knowledge wei!! *
Trademark building of the church

Another one,
Front door of the church

Since it's so famous, so i must take at least one photo wth the building.

My sis n i in front of the church front door.

pose wth the tourguide flag. haha

This is the ONLY korean friend i make out of my 7 days trip there.=_=lll This girl that hold a degree in Music one wor! and she can speak Chinese...

Group picture. Most of them are from Kuching, and let me tell u this: Kuching ppl are super rich leh!!!! Cause i really dono where they got so much money to shop, they shop NON-STOP one, i m not exaggerating, cause whenever we stop by any shopping mall, some of them sure came back wth at least 2-3 shopping bags, or even shopping boxes!!!! Until the last day when we travel back to Incheon Airport, our bus is super packed wth their stuff n all the boxes, and i think some of them exceed the luggage maximum weight, if not because we check-in our luggage as a group, some of them sure kena fine one. I m not kidding. LOL

ok enough photos of the church,
This photo taken in front of the memorial musuem, sorry i camwhore.

Another photo.
Camwhore when i m super bore of waiting ppl finish shopping. >.<

Till then.

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