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Ok i decided to blog, after so long not updating this blog.

Cause i know i might need this blog to start criticizing soon, or someday. Sorry.

Anyway, i love this icon on msn when i type it out yest. =)

CHEER!!! hehe
SooOOoooSooooOOoo cute right...

Anyway, was busy wth our convo magazine recently, and i got lots of things to blog once it finish. *fasterfinishconvomagfasterfinishconvomag!!!!!!!*

Yupe, i saw this pictures while looking through our Orientation pictures for the Orientation article, and i found this:
M107, remember those day when we r force to sit in front of IMU Car Park and put our hand above to cover our head, and wait for the seniors to throw those raw fish, rotten food, etc... down from 3rd floor. That was memories.

Till then.

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