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Being Nice

I just realize my last blog post is 3rdJune n today is already 15th June.
Poor blog, being abandone by me......

Well after so many days hibernate-ing at home, finally i do go out have some fun. But not gonna blog about this now.
Just that today i realize sometime, after being nice to everyone for so long, it's so hard for me to be not nice to ppl.

Went dinner wth my family justnow and the boss give us the wrong order, i mean they serve some more expensive food to us without our realization, and when we realize it n complain she say is her waiter's fault. Later on when we pay the bill, i realize they charge us more, so i decided to ask the boss to change the bill, wth an expressionless face. Well, when i do that i realize i feel so so bad because i m being not nice to ppl.......

Yupe i win that arguement in the end, the boss cannot tahan me and decided to change the bill in the end. So end of story. Actually this just a very small thing. But i realize being nice to ppl is just a nature, or perphaps habit, when u didnt do that, u will feel bad for urself.

ok it's just a crap post, many grammar error i know.. sorry. i just feel bad for argue back to the boss in that restaurant. although i know i have the right to do so, but i still feel very sorry for myself being so not nice.

=The End=

update / photos soon lar.

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