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Hospital Visit #2

Because our dearest university IMU aspect us to spent the whole afternoon in the hospital clerking patient and have classes with the doctor 2 days before our exam...when everyone is so stress up preparing for the exam....so, out of 41 ppl in the group, only 11 of us went for our the hospital visit.
Which is kind of sad because IMU provide us the BEST travel bus and students just skip the hospital visit like that…

Sigh, i know the amount that i m paying for to study in IMU therefore any skipping of classes or practices will make me feel very guilty, and i still remember what classes had i skip before, cause basically is just 2 lectures in sem 2 due to my miserable life and 3 lectures in sem 4 due to orientation, and now i feel so bad for wasting my parents money just like that...

Ok enough complaining, here, the photo taken on the bus...
Yupe, the bus is very EMPTY, and surprisingly 5 of my PBL group members went, haha i have such good PBL group members!!!

Another one, taken on our trip back,
I dono what is Hisham doing behind. He is suppose to buy me ticket go Taiwan cause he started to call me Taiwanese since the com med thing......LOL

With soh si ling...
i know we take photo EVERY time when we went somewhere by bus, but what to do, bore on the bus mar...

Random pic
just to show that my hp can fit >7 ppl in the photo by cam-friend method.... sorry yuan liang, not purposely cut off ur face, cause my hand too short.>_<

The group with Dr Tai
We really really learn a lot about Parkinson disease from the doctor! Glad that we went for the hospital visit lar.

Btw another thing worth mention is,
we actually got 1 lecture ONE day before our exam, and the same ppl that went for hospital visit turn up in that lecture too...Lol

Till then.

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