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Because it's too stressful in KL, till i miss home so much, so i decided to go back hometown last weekend.

Well actually i didn't plan this and some more last Friday is 1st May public holiday, luckily i went Puduraya early enough to buy the bus ticket n went back in the afternoon. And luckily my dad insist me to buy the back-KL bus ticket as soon as i reach my hometown so i got the bus ticket come back KL on the time i want and attend the class this morning. Lol. Cause in the 2 trips my seat are both the FIRST ROW seat that only the last ppl bought the ticket will got that seats.....=_=lll

Yeah one thing good about balik kampung is of course...Home cook Food!!!! and have meals with my dearest family in my OWN house. After getting sick of eating outside food / food in library for few weeks.......
ok this is not home-cooked actually, one of it is TURTLE meat, another one is DEER meat, and one of it is some expensive FISH which i forget the name edy. These actually left over food my dad bring back from some restaurant in Kedah where his boss belanja makan there. LOL, i felt sorry for those animals cause we are suppose to SAVE THE ANIMALS FROM EXTINCT......@_@

And i m glad to meet my dear "piano student" Geok Er, she is very pretty one ok, typical pink colour girl.
Shirt Pink, Bag Pink, Socks Pink, Shoe Pink......Don't know why, looking at her reminds me of the term "STRAWBERRY KIDS". =)

Another home cook food
ok this time is my mum's "boss" (Elder of the church) 's wife cook for us. Lol so in conclusion, don't blame me for dono how to cook cause i really no chance to be exposed to COOKING...
(ok i m just kidding cause it's my own fault for not learning cooking i know, someone pls teach me after my exam...appretiate that)

Lastly i miss my own room in my hometown. Cause i can cam whore with the web cam as much as i like, like this...

and this...

Oh ya btw today is Marissa's Bday,
so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Marissa!!! =)
Finally turning 21st.

Till then. I must study i must study i MUST study.......T_T

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