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Colourful day

Ok i know i don't have much proper update these few days, cause had been busying for i-oso-dono-what.......partly because my house internet is super bad recently oso. sigh.

Now i look at the photos i took during our outing, i found that last Saturday outing, everyone is very colorful, i mean the shirt colour.
Chloe (Black) - Chee Leong (Green) - JooHor's sister (Yellow)
Kher Lik (light blue) - Qian Hui (Pink) - Joo Hor (blue)

and Pei-Wen is wearing White that day...

Kherlik - cheeleong

cheeleong n joohor doing their CAT pose. lol

The sticker photo we took....

and since we edy there, so we should make full use of the facilities there to -- camfriend.lol lol.
Like this
and this. ok JooHor is very good looking here, which make me look so ugly. T_T

ok finish update, will update more when i go back hometown lar.
Result out soon, all the best everyone!!!!!

Till then.

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