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Food Q & A

Yupe i got the passport to IMU Seremban Clinical School edy!!!!!!! =) i know it's kind of late to blog about this but nvm lar...since i long time didnt update properly this blog.

Oh recently i had been playing Restaurant City alot, and i think alot of ppl oso crazy about that, cause when i go take the watch for JooHor in Asian Avenue, i saw both the shopkeepers oso on their laptopes playing RC, i saw other shopkeepers in other shops playing that too...and lots of my friends oso on RC....so i guess it's one of the hottest game in facebook now.
And since ingredient sometime abit hard to earn, and my dearest high school friend which is in now studying in IMU too, Yvon Loi send me the link to the website that have all the answers to the Food Quiz, so i decided to share to everyone here.....
Here's the link...Food Quiz Answer. And i decided to copy paste here...

Restaurant City Food Quiz Answer:

Q:Agar is a gelatinous substance derived from what?
A: Seaweed
Q:Bechamel sauce is also known as...
A: White Sauce
Q:To blanch a vegetable, means to?
A: Boil and Cool off quickly
Q:Calamari is fried?
A: Squid
Q:What is a Calzone?
A: A turnover made of pizza dough
Q:In which restaurant would you typically find Calzone?
A: Italian
Q:Caviar is made from?
A: Fish Egg
Q:What kind of pizza is chicago style?
A: Deep dish
Q:Chilli is a?
A: Fruit
Q:Which of these chillies is the spiciest?
A: Naga jolokia pepper
Q:What is chinese gooseberry called in ancient time?
A: Kiwi
Q:What is chocolate bloom?
A: Cocoa fat or sugar
Q:The chuck is found where on the cow?
A: Front
Q:Which continent produces the most cocoa?
A: Africa
Q:What is coconut?
A: Fruit
Q:A crepe is typical a ...?
A: Thinly cooked pancake
Dim sum originated from which country?
A: China
Q:Dulce de leche is prepared by heating...?
A: Sweetened Milk
Q:Which sauce is typically used in the dish Eggs Benedict?
A: Hollandaise sauce
Q:Where did Feta Cheese come from?
A: Greece
Q:The flank is found where on the cow?
A: Mid
Q:Foie gras is food made from which part of an animal?
A: Liver
Q:In England, French Fries are called?
A: Chips
Q:To garnish a dish, means to?
A: Add final touches
Q:What is gelatin made of?
A: Algae
Q:Granny smith apples are?
A: Green
Q:Grapes grow on?
A: Vines
Q:The main ingredient in Guacamole is?
A: Avocado
Q:Where is the hamburger originaly from?
A: United states
Q:What is Hashi?
A: Chopsticks
Q:Honey comes from?
A: Bees
Q:What is the main ingredient in Houmous?
A: Chickpeas
Q:What is Houmous made of?
A: Chickpeas
Q:Kimchi is a Korean dish made of fermented?
A: Vegetables
Q:What is Ketchup made of?
A: Tomatoes
Q:Lard is the fat obtained from which animal?
A: Pig
Q:Naan is typically from?
A: India
Q:Naan Bread is served with... ?
A: Indian Food
Q:Natto, a traditional Japanese food, is made from fermented?
A: Soybeans
Q:New-York Style Pizzas are typically?
A: Thin crust
Q:The pizza originates from which country?
A: Italy
To poach something means?
A: To cook in boiling water
Q:To Proof dough means to...
A: Allow it to rise
Q:Prunes are dried...?
A: Plums
Q:Raisins are dried...?
A: Grapes
Q:Ratatouille is?
A: A vegetarian dish
Q:The main ingredient of Ratatouille is?
A: Tomatoes
Q:To refresh vegetables is....?
A: To immerse in COLD water
Q:What is the color of Rhubarb?
A: Red
Q:The rump is found where on the cow?
A: Back
Q:What is Saffron?
A: Spice
Q:Saffron is a?
A: Spice
Q:Sauerkraut is made from?
A: Fermented Cabbage
Q:To saute a dish, means to?
A: Fry quickly in hot pan
Q:The sirloin is found where on the cow?
A: Mid
Q:What is the most expensive spice in the world?
A: Saffron
Q:Which of the following spices is the most expensive??
A: Pure Vanilla
Q:Steak tartare is a meat dish made from raw?
A: Beef
Q:What is Stracchino?
A: a fresh cheese from Italy
Q:In which restaurant would you typically find sushi?
A: Japanese
Q:Where does taco orignate from?
A: Mexico
Q:In which restaurant would you typically find tacos?
A: Mexican
Q:In which restaurant would you typically find Tapas?
A: Spanish
Q:What is the main ingredient of tofu?
A: Soybean
Q:A tomato is a?
A: Fruit
Q:What color is Tuna meat?
A: Pink
Q:The Tuna is a?
A: Salt Water Fish
Q:Where is Tuna from?
A: Salt Water
Q:The main ingredients in Tzatziki are?
A: Yoghurt and Cucumber
Q:Venison is the meat from what animal?
A: Deer
Q:What is the main ingredient of wasabi?
A: Horseradish
Q:Wasabi is made from a type of Japanese?
A: Horseradish

That's all. Thanks again ar Yvon.

Till then. =)

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Colourful day

Ok i know i don't have much proper update these few days, cause had been busying for i-oso-dono-what.......partly because my house internet is super bad recently oso. sigh.

Now i look at the photos i took during our outing, i found that last Saturday outing, everyone is very colorful, i mean the shirt colour.
Chloe (Black) - Chee Leong (Green) - JooHor's sister (Yellow)
Kher Lik (light blue) - Qian Hui (Pink) - Joo Hor (blue)

and Pei-Wen is wearing White that day...

Kherlik - cheeleong

cheeleong n joohor doing their CAT pose. lol

The sticker photo we took....

and since we edy there, so we should make full use of the facilities there to -- camfriend.lol lol.
Like this
and this. ok JooHor is very good looking here, which make me look so ugly. T_T

ok finish update, will update more when i go back hometown lar.
Result out soon, all the best everyone!!!!!

Till then.

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Our batch video, thanks to yuan liang...
lol i know i look retard to start off this video like that. But i think Hisham is very good in shaking his body...hahahaha.

ya had been out most of the time these few days so no update. lol, more to i m lazy lar.

ok, M107 pls submit ur individual profile page details if u havent do so lar. Terima kasih.

Oh, Seremban is very hot!!! Bukit Jalil Park is very big...n i m very random.

Till then.

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Ok i just finish reading my sister's blog and now i feel sad.

MY SISTER WENT GENTING WITH MY MUM and enjoying there WITHOUT ME and i m stuck in library study everyday for this EOS 5.....


Ok tomorow OSPE, all the best everyone.

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Clair De Lune

Ok, this is IMU Ball 2009 photo...
Cause i too lazy to pick n upload the pic long time ago..lol

Oh ya sidetrack abit, i had been following the MDG blog since it started, and was quite sad cause my favourite candidate this time - Ming is out of the game. Feel sad for her, but all the best for her n i will continue reading her blog...=)

Here the IMU Ball picture, sorry i still think i look ugly that night, so i offer a pretty girl's blog link before i start posting up the pictures, so nice right me....hahahahaha....=_=lll

The Ballroom
I perfer it with Bright light actually.

Random pic before the event starts.
Everyone busy taking pictureSSSS....

Btw this is a very LONG post, cause too many pictures in, ok i edy warn u.
With my Super Junior - Rudy
cause i m his Super Senior aka Best OO..yeah.*thick face me* Ok Rudy u should be happy cause u r the FIRST person in the picture i post up in IMU Ball picturess post ok!!!!
Because i dont have nice pic taken with Chloe that night, sorry Chloe..T_T

Next, the two MOST GOOD LOOKING security that night.
All of us look so BLACK that day...Btw JooHor u still owe me for ur nice black shirt that night!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL
and Kien Jeen pls dont transform us to Pokemon again...

Another pic with my dear juniors from ME/DT108
ChinNam - KeiLi - Rudy - CheeLeong

The food of the night
Not bad, worth the $$$$$$$$ we paying.

Our ex-SRC Vice President
Mezhen look very classy that night!!

Prom King Prom Queen nominees
Pei-Wen - Zhi Ven, they say they look like they r getting married..hahaha, but pei-wen's hair-do is actually RM30 only, so cheap!!

Dearest Diana look Korean-ish that night.
She is pretty as usual...

A picture worth showing...
Once Jeya present with a bouquet of flower for Dorothy, everyone start taking out their camera and become super PRO paparazzi, lol.

Prom Queen Prom King event
The Cat Walk, sorry ZhiVen u walk too fast i cannot snap a photo of u....

and cause i was busy recording siewkim's performance so didnt got to snap a photo of her playing guitar on stage. so let's show one of her practicing photo.
Dear Kimmie and her DEAREST guitar, i dono how to spell the name of the guitar so cannot name it here, just in case i name her dearest guitar wrongly....@_@

Yeash, the CROWNING of our PROM QUEEN IMU BALL 2009 - SIEW KIM!!!

and her speech.

Ok photo with Kien Jeen, the Porange lover...

and Mr *ehem ehem* Narcissistic. Jk.

with Andrew the wazit
ok u dont jealous kienjeen ok who ask u that day go back so fast so didnt get to take photos with us bunch of GIRLS...haha

The RM1400 suit and Rachel's princess-like dress.
Dom - Qian - Rachel

Joo Hor - Ying Xin the dancer / performer that night - Qian
only 3 of us looking at the camere...

It's so coincidence that i took this photo, lol
Jenan the BEST dress male that night.

Prom King Prom Queen again.
Siew Kim - Jason Bak Khan

and i think this photo is funny,
Cause Tjun Hoe not only win Prom Queen, he oso win the Valedictorian award...hahahaha. POSER lar him!!!

our batch photo, without our super batch rep yuan liang....
I think the lighting there is not so good, and it's too crowded so this photo not so nice but nvm at least got one batch photo here. Thanks to JooHor the photographer.

Till then. Study study study study STARRRRDDYYYY!!!!

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Sem 5

Ok because we r in sem 5....

So we should take picture like this...

In Elab

And with our favourite Mr Skeleton!!!
It come out for our EOS 2 exam ok..haha

In lecture theater
Mian - Qian - Diana.
I realize 3 our names contain I - A - N... hahahaha....

Sleeping picture
Cause this is what we normally do in the lec hall right....lol, i m just kidding!!

Compare to the photo we took in sem 3, more serious than sem 5. LOL.

Till then.


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Hospital Visit #2

Because our dearest university IMU aspect us to spent the whole afternoon in the hospital clerking patient and have classes with the doctor 2 days before our exam...when everyone is so stress up preparing for the exam....so, out of 41 ppl in the group, only 11 of us went for our the hospital visit.
Which is kind of sad because IMU provide us the BEST travel bus and students just skip the hospital visit like that…

Sigh, i know the amount that i m paying for to study in IMU therefore any skipping of classes or practices will make me feel very guilty, and i still remember what classes had i skip before, cause basically is just 2 lectures in sem 2 due to my miserable life and 3 lectures in sem 4 due to orientation, and now i feel so bad for wasting my parents money just like that...

Ok enough complaining, here, the photo taken on the bus...
Yupe, the bus is very EMPTY, and surprisingly 5 of my PBL group members went, haha i have such good PBL group members!!!

Another one, taken on our trip back,
I dono what is Hisham doing behind. He is suppose to buy me ticket go Taiwan cause he started to call me Taiwanese since the com med thing......LOL

With soh si ling...
i know we take photo EVERY time when we went somewhere by bus, but what to do, bore on the bus mar...

Random pic
just to show that my hp can fit >7 ppl in the photo by cam-friend method.... sorry yuan liang, not purposely cut off ur face, cause my hand too short.>_<

The group with Dr Tai
We really really learn a lot about Parkinson disease from the doctor! Glad that we went for the hospital visit lar.

Btw another thing worth mention is,
we actually got 1 lecture ONE day before our exam, and the same ppl that went for hospital visit turn up in that lecture too...Lol

Till then.

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Because it's too stressful in KL, till i miss home so much, so i decided to go back hometown last weekend.

Well actually i didn't plan this and some more last Friday is 1st May public holiday, luckily i went Puduraya early enough to buy the bus ticket n went back in the afternoon. And luckily my dad insist me to buy the back-KL bus ticket as soon as i reach my hometown so i got the bus ticket come back KL on the time i want and attend the class this morning. Lol. Cause in the 2 trips my seat are both the FIRST ROW seat that only the last ppl bought the ticket will got that seats.....=_=lll

Yeah one thing good about balik kampung is of course...Home cook Food!!!! and have meals with my dearest family in my OWN house. After getting sick of eating outside food / food in library for few weeks.......
ok this is not home-cooked actually, one of it is TURTLE meat, another one is DEER meat, and one of it is some expensive FISH which i forget the name edy. These actually left over food my dad bring back from some restaurant in Kedah where his boss belanja makan there. LOL, i felt sorry for those animals cause we are suppose to SAVE THE ANIMALS FROM EXTINCT......@_@

And i m glad to meet my dear "piano student" Geok Er, she is very pretty one ok, typical pink colour girl.
Shirt Pink, Bag Pink, Socks Pink, Shoe Pink......Don't know why, looking at her reminds me of the term "STRAWBERRY KIDS". =)

Another home cook food
ok this time is my mum's "boss" (Elder of the church) 's wife cook for us. Lol so in conclusion, don't blame me for dono how to cook cause i really no chance to be exposed to COOKING...
(ok i m just kidding cause it's my own fault for not learning cooking i know, someone pls teach me after my exam...appretiate that)

Lastly i miss my own room in my hometown. Cause i can cam whore with the web cam as much as i like, like this...

and this...

Oh ya btw today is Marissa's Bday,
so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Marissa!!! =)
Finally turning 21st.

Till then. I must study i must study i MUST study.......T_T

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