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Useless post

First of all, to M107, our batch photo taking section is on Tuesday, 7April09, after class, Atrium. Please show up. Thanks.

Second, please register as a member of IMU Alumni in the website. Only 65 ppl registered so far, very sad case one if we cannot get sponsor from the Alumni... So go register PLEASE if u haven't do so. Thanks again.


Because we are becoming library furniture soon,
or should i say we are already enter the library furniture classification group.
so in order to prove that we still have "life" n to relieve our boredom in library n to prevent us from sleeping in library...this is what we do.
Thanks so much Soh Si Ling, i know she wont read my blog, so i can put up all our funny face photo here..lol
Photo taking #1 Look at siling's tongue.

Photo taking #2 My turn to show off the tongue and siling act cute beside.

Photo taking #3 Bond Girls. Notice that both hands belong to siling... Lol

Because we are seniors so we help up in the Junior Wellness Appraisal Test, I first heard about this project from Dr Vera when he was my pbl fasi in sem 4, and so fast, this year IMU already carry out this project, poor ME/DT109 juniors, become the "white rat" for this project.
Sem 5 only in charge of BP taking station. Our BP checking room.
I heard if u fail in this wellness appraisal test u cannot sit for exam,
*kononnya* IMU want to produce all-rounded students, but not just medical students with lots of knowledge but they themselves never practice healthy lifestyle.

This is Tien Ming...I believe he can do well in University Melbourne during clinical year. =)

Congrats to all my friends that got their choices of uni in the PMS Matching.

Btw, because i dono why the juniors was late for the test, so in order to cure our boredom of waiting, we post funny face again. Thanks to my dear SiewKimmie this time...
Funny face 2nd round, photo #1



Funny face photo taking section getting more fun with Yuan Liang n Li Yen join it... =P

Next, i just want to show some junior's photo.
Congrats to Ickes, he is the new StudentvRepresentative Council, SRC Treasurer. Congrats congrats CONGRATS!!

Just ignore this photo, i just upload for fun.
An evidence to show that this TanJooHor do work when we have the IMU Ball deco subcommittee meeting. haha...

2 more weeks to IMU Ball, Prom King Prom Queen definitely is the hottest event now, er, i hope so....although most of the activities they organize don't attract much audience....@_@
Jason - Siew Kim

Pei Wen - Zhi Ven

The ONLY time u see zhiven not studying...
but cooking for the competition...hahaha...... ok peiwen dont kill me for making ur bf sound so nerd cause i m just telling the truth..lol. Jk.

I dare to bet if he is not cooking for the competition that day, he will be in library study.
cause CNS really very hard. T_T

cause we r very random ppl,
so on Tuesday we randomly decided to go Seremban.
Siew Kim - Qian Hui - Tjun Hoe. Thanks SiewKim for driving!! =)

Wanted to try the beef noodle there, but it's not open on Tuesday. Sigh.
The Char Siew Wan Tan Mee quite nice, although i didn't try cause it looks the same as my hometown's. If u know how to read Chinese,i purposely took this pic with the shop name behind. and Jo Wearn look good in this pic i think.

Well, i m suppose to post this photo up last Saturday, but as usual, i ended up blog about out-dated stuff again...
Do u support Earth Hour last Saturday?
I admit i didn't off the light during that time...

I realize IMU is still so bright. So i don't think i should turn off the light too. Sorry mother Earth, i will recycle more paper next time.

Last but not least, before i upload my super high level cam-friend photo to make ppl want to slap me for being so vain...

Poketag by Kien Jeen! He so free to do this stuff in facebook but so long dont want to update his blog.....=_=lll

Real Pokenames for reference:
Swablu, Gengar, Wailord, Meowth, Lickitung, Togepi, Roselia, Shuppet, Pikachu, Ho-oh, Jinx, Charmeleon, Eevee, Cloyster, Krabby, Chingling, Nincada, Chansey, Masquerain, Combee, Cresselia, Shinx.

So, Chloe is Cloyster, I m Qiansey, KienJeen is Jinx, CheeLeong is Charmeleong, and the most correct/matching one is JooHor, Pika-Joo, because he is turning 21 year-old this year but he still play pikachu at home everyday. swt him.

Ok the camfriend photo. I super LOVE my hp now.

Till then.

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