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Strawberry kids

Sem 5 is so scary Sem 5 sem 5 sem 5......=( ok enough sigh-ing

Since everyone is so stress, and this blog is so dead recently, let me blog something that cheer ppl up.
Lol, more to i m ShockSendiri-ing i know.

Let me tell u what is Strawberry Kids.
For those kids who born BEFORE 1980', due to economy crisis, so they r quite malnourished and not well-fed, they even need to worry about what's their next meals everyday, so they r very serious.
For those kids who born AFTER 1980', because our country's economy turn better, so the children are very well-fed, so they r very happy n carefree, so they laugh alot...so they are termed strawberry kids!
But then , strawberry will melt when put under the sun, so strawberry kids cannot tahan lasak, and they are fragile...


Btw, the above statement is not made by me, i just quote what Dr Loh say yesterday in hospital visit... Cause he is TOO funny and cause i m same group as SohSiLing, so we keep laughing at the class.

This is what happen in the class...
See the thing that SiLing hold?

While listening to us presenting the case history, he took one gloves out from the box, blow it like a ballon, then make all those ties to make some weird shape from the "glove ballon".
And cause we edy kena "scolded" for not-seriousness by him before the class start, i try to control myself for not laughing. So i look at siling who sits beside me, and she is controlling her laugher there too, so in the end, both of us really cannot tahan n BURST out into laugh.."HAHAHAHAHA".

Then Dr Loh say, laugh what? this is serious thing ok, do u know what is the diagnosis of this? (refering to the "glove ballon" that he just make)

Me n Siling look at each other, then give him the blank look.

So he say "this is an ELEPHANT!" *dr Loh look proud* *me n siling roll eyes!!!!* =_=lll

Then trying to control from continue laughing, i ask him why is he wasting IMU's gloves n playing with it, and the answer i got is "this gloves has no use edy one, they r going to throw it anyway"...

OMG, if those are used glove then why is he blowing it like blowing a balloon, isn't it very unhygienic???

Oh ya i forgot to mention this, when we r about to finish our class section,
Dr Loh say cause i too noisy n laugh too much in the class so dont want to give that "elephant" to me, so he give it to KimLoon that quietly sitting beside him. LOL LOL LOL =_=lll swt lar.

Ok, i should stop commenting about one of the BEST doctor in IMU Clinical School, my senior say he remember student's face n name, and since i dont have a choice but to see him in Seremban hospital soon.......Better show my respect to him!!!

Ok i remember this:
Common cause of UMNL is Stroke n Brain Tumour,
Common cause of LMNL is Acoustic Neuroma, Middle ear lesion, Mastoiditis, Otitis Media and Parotid tumour.

Here, the pic taken on our journey back from Seremban Hospital, actually we took photo of ppl sleeping, but i know it's unethical to do that, so i decided to not being so unethical, instead i took this photo...
of Photographer KimLoon n Poser Chua

Me n siling , both big mouth.lol

Next, i post up our M107 batch photo in my blog, cause since i m the first one that received n saw the photo and i know most of our batch ppl sure want a soft copy of it, so for convenience sake, i upload it without using my brain's higher function.lol,
n to my dear M107 friend just save the photo if u want, that's the original one that IT Department mail to us, but i think they edit abit to reduce the resolution, which i dono why, but nvm lar, just take it lar. =)
And pls lar go join IMU Alumni!!!!!! Thanks so much.

But for now let's just post up the rest of SS photo taken during that photo-taking section.

with Jo Wearn, our convo magazine EDITOR!!!

Yeen - Kim - Chloe - Qian =) =)
Dont ask me why this photo so blur, go ask the photographer......>_<

These 2 r not my batchmate, they are just so happen to pass by the Atrium before the photo taking section n kena camfriend by me. Poor junior.
Look at MrTanJooHor's face, POSER. n CheeLeong is super camfriend i think.hahaha...

Oh ya dont be deceived by this JooHor 's blur n childish face, he is actually super smart one ok cause although i drag him go jogging 2 days before his exam, he still score an A in the exam, when out of 200+ ppl from his batch, only got 10++ ppl got an A. How i wish i got 20% of his brain...T_T

This is Kien Jeen
cause one day he very bore so come to sit at MMS with us n since he oso love taking photo so hence these photoSS taken.

And my dear Chloe!!!
She is SOOOO Pretty n Cute lar, and i didnt PHOTOSHOP this photo wor!!!

U will never get bore to see pretty girl photo - Chloe + Huey Ning the rabbit.

After looking at pretty girl,
let u balance up by showing pic of the normal one lar......hahaha.
Ok, i was just ShockSendiri there when i m suppose to take individual photo for convo mag.

Ya, there is high chance of me abandon this blog for some times again...
but ok, i still got life one, cause this is what i do in library, when i m suppose to study...
Camfriend to a higher level that i didnt use my own hp to camfriend anymore. =_=lll I only use Samsung hp, so that's not my hp.

Ok ok i will study hard... and this is KheeLung posing with my mp3 + earphone...lol. and dont kill me for posting up the photo ar.

ohya whoever junior that are free, and can become SP, pls tell me ya, we really need SP lar.....!!!!

Till then.

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