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IMU Ball 2009

Finally IMU Ball is over, and everything back to normal.

Btw, KherLik deserve every praising for organising such a GREAT prom night. After everything n sacrifices he had gone through.

And Siew Kim have every reasons to win the Prom Queen title for all her effort too.

I m really really glad for them!!!! =)

Prom King + Prom Queen : Siew Kim + Jason!!! =)

The score sheet on that night.
sorry i only manage to take pic of judge scores, didn't manage to snap a photos of vote score. But the score is almost the same lar.

Well i m not showing my own prom photos here, cause i think these photos more worth to be shown.
and someone told me this morning that i look better today than that night. >_< lol i think this just indicate i look horrible with make up :( n look better naturally. :)
so i lagi dont want to show prom photos here edy....

Remember the Goody bags all of get during that night...This is how we transport every bags (>400 of it) to the hotels : squeeze into every cars we have.

Jeen + Joohor the two dearest DARLINGS...lol

The Stage, before all the decorations.

Poser in front of the door. Dom - Jon - Jo

I think this photo is funny.

Jo the super POSER...lol

Our dear Prom Queen Siew Kim helping up from morning to afternoon for the decoration of the prom. Where got Prom Queen nominee so nice come help up before the prom and do all those "slave" work one...
Oh ya Peiwen ZhiVen do come in the afternoon and help up a bit.
And i saw another nominee there too, but didnt do any work. Lol

So i agree with the Emcee that night saying that "She is the MOST humble Prom Queen!!"


Till then.

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