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Since there's alot of drama happen in our batch recently...

............Btw pls give CREDIT to Jo Wearn cause he is the one that bersusah payah call for the batch photo taking section and setting up everything n make sure the whole photo taking section went smoothly, so pls remember to THANK him whenever u see our batch photo!! =)...............

So i m going to create more drama here.


Let me tell u the newest gossip, about our batch rep Yuan Liang.

But before that, let show SS pic of me n Siling

<3 Ling Ling bao + Qian Qian bao <3

I am asked to post up this photo.
Cause he steal my dear SiLing from me.......T_T
This is the effect of ONE picture - Gossip... LOL.

Ok so now i m officially single n available cause yuan liang took my dear si ling. =(

lol, i finish my super lame drama fake story telling,

Yuan Liang is the BEST batch Rep ever ok, the super lame drama is just cause i m lame n i love my strawberry kids partner. =)

Funny proper pic. No drama here. Look at Siling's hair.

Oh ya i just saw the IMU Ball blog about the prom king n queen nominee. Some of their answer is just so funny. Check THIS out n judge them urself. Some of them didnt answer some question, and i actually dont understand why r they still in the final although they didnt come for some activity. LOL.

Btw i dont like the fact that they give so many reasonSS n excusesSSS for some event arrangement, but nvm i know the committee had put in ALOT of effort to make the ball a success one......
So, hope tomorow IMU Ball will turn up to be a memorable one.

Till then.

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