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6 days to exam

and i m still blogging...*slap myself...*

Here, the IMU Ball picture,
after whole days of hard work, the stage look so grand!!!
This is KherLik giving his IMU President speech!

Our boss : IMU Ball President Kher Lik + IMU Ball Head of Deco Chloe

Since i m not showing my horrible photo that night but Cl n Jh still need to appear here cause they look very good that night, so let show their pictureSSSS.
If u happen to be their fans pls dont come after me cause they r super poser when come to taking photos so i just press the camera button only....

- Housemates -

Joo Hor is so happy!!!

Jenan the Best-dressed (Male) that night.
Learning lesson for guys, next time if want to win best dress, wear a white coat / suit to the prom, u will most probably win cause most of the guys sure wear black...

The two poser housemates + roommates again...

The lucky Kien Jeen surrounded by girlSSS...

Well, this is the only pic that i can show my face here,
that i think i look ok, although still horrible with those make up....but nvm lar. I will take Chua saying that i look prettier in IMU than in Prom night as a compliment cause this means that i look better naturally without make-up! =)
With Rudy my dear "cute" junior that wrote the theme song for IMU ball and plays PIANO SUPERLY well..!!! Happy Rudy? i m praising u!!!!!!!!!

and this photo...
my face is blur i know, but nvm lar, i think Rudy n CL look good in this photo.

Now the thing i regret most during that night is didnt get to eat more of these cookies and drink the "RM120 tea"...
Cookies !!!!!!

Ok, i should study if not my hand will kena draw like this again.......

Till then.

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