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This is korea

Because i miss the chance to go Korea...T_T
And Korea is my dream holiday country...

Here's the pic of Korea!!! which my parents and my bro went, without me n my sis. =(

Let me tell u this before hand, i m a pastor daughter and i came from a very Christian family background. Just in case u dono. Lol. Cause i know i don't seem like one, which is very true, and i don't mind cause i never chose to be like that. I m still a very normal person and i m very grateful for the ppl around me that accept me as i m. No pastor kid chose to become one, but i don't blame anyone for being one. That's all.

This is my dearest mummy walking on one of the street in Korea. Lol, this is dono her #XYZ trip to Korea edy. *envy envy* I want to go travel like her too!!!

My dearest bro, does he look cool?! =)

This, the LARGEST CHURCH in the world, founded by Pastor Cho.

Yoido Full Gospel Church!

The big cross in front, day n night view. This the significant feature of that church building, i think.

I think this road call Victory Road.

But i love the trees around it more...


Daddy Mummy look good there...=)

The "famous" prayer room in Korea.
If u are a Christian u will know what is this.

Ok this just pic of Dunkin Donut for my sister cause she is DD's fan.

The graveyard that my parents visit in Korea.

Oh i edy fulfill my role as a granddaughter to go clean the graveyard / qin ming this year.
This another side of my family, all my uncles / my grandfather's son will come back hometown during "qin ming festival" EVERY YEAR without failed. Show how important is this festival to my family. >_<
Compare my hometown graveyard and Korea's, =_=lll

Till then.

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