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A story of Grace

A super BIG congratulation to my church youth n teens pastor for the wedding!! It's really a great one, and a dream wedding for lots of girls i guess...
cause it's really A story of Grace.

Nice decoration.

sigh i realize i m lazy to type word, so photos shown only.
Qian - Lynda

Group photo #1

Yeah, the wedding ceremony...
The arrival of the bride, the handing of the bride to the groom, and the signing of wedding certificate.

Group photo #2

oh ya, the restaurant is very big. lol.

Group photo #3... with PC, isn't she pretty?! Love her so so so much!!!!!

let's update abit on our batch IMU Alumni status, only 46 ppl out of 163 ppl from M107 had sign up as a member of it... It's really very sad leh, dono izit because those who havent register never check emails or they r too busy studying. Please do sign up ya...

Till then.

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