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I want to blog but i oso want to show this picture in my blog......
So i decided to just show one picture here.

Yupe, i got my Dream hand phone, is Samsung G400!!!!!!!!

And this is the show-off picture of the Samsung phone i have before and now...

Got the first one in July 2003, 2nd one in April 2006, 3rd one in March 2009. Oh no, this means that my hp average lifespan is ONLY 2.5++years. T_T
and the price of samsung phone drop so super-ly fast, i doubt if i were to sell my 2nd phone Samsung E770 with 1/4 of it's original price anyone wants to buy?! Just Kidding.

OK let me tell u this,
i don't watch football so i cannot tell u that i m Man-U/Liverpool/Arsenal fans,
but then there is 2 things that i can tell u i m a big fan of it,
First, i only use Samsung hand phone,
Second, i only use Dove hair shampoo..........that's all.

Sorry, after crap so much in the reflection of the report, my blog oso become so wu liao edy...@_@

Till then.

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