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Of random ranting

First, this is Bukit Jalil park...
The only place that IMU students that stay in vista komanwel can go jog, ok unless u got a car so u can drive to the park with nicer view in another side of Bukit Jalil.

ok, so my 1st ranting is i HATE raining when i want to go jogging...
It happen few times when i cannot wake up in the morning n terpaksa go jogging in the evening. This explain why i prefer go jogging in the morning than evening. Cause the weather recently is so weird... U will never know when it will rain. >_<

Secondly i would like to send my condolence to my poor camera.
My friend told me is the lens problem, so the picture turn up to be not perfect...
like the photo on right side. Look at the photos remind me of Langer's line (refer to Dr JPJ's Skin notes).

ok i promise i really didnt photoshop it or do anything to this photo, so now u know how bad the "damage" of that camera... T_T

Qian - Mian - Diana Seah, photo taken weeks ago, when the camera show it's 1st sign of damage...
Oh ya we go watch Benjamin Button, and i still want to comment that the movie is very draggy ok, the only attractive part is when Brad Pit is on the screen... =_=lll

Third, i would oso want to talk about my handphone, cause it is dying soon oso, i predict...
Sigh, after being my loyal phone for almost 3 years, and worsen my camwhore habit, it keep on giving me problem now-a-days, by sudden jam / hang there or can't send msg to others or die off halfway while i m talking on phone...
Ok, i seriously need a new phone.
Dream phone - Samsung G400

Forth, i really really miss home now.
I know i have a very comfortable room in Vista Komanwel, but then i still miss my room in my own house lar!!!!!!!!
Room with this many soft toys........belongs to me n my sister.
Ok 2/3 or it is my sister's. lol. I miss my pretty sister oso...

I know i upload this photo dono how many times in this blog edy, but dont care lar, i will look at it when i really really miss home and my dearest sibling...

Fifth, i love this high heel shoe.
It's only 4 inches,and i admit i m not tall. I actually wish i can grow taller one ok. lol.

Finish my random thought, back to study... ok.

Oh ya, let's give a super round applause to our Batch Rep Yuan Liang cause he finish editing the video that we r going to show during IMU Ball. I think he is the most responsible batch rep ever lar.....!!!!!!!

Till then.

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