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Household Survey

Health Issues subject had been removed starting from my batch, therefore we have to do Health Survey to replace that. And because according to Prof Yadav, other university usually allocate 3 weeks for health survey but in IMU we only got 2 weeks time to do so, due to dono what reason i forgot cause dreaming in class...so supposingly, this week should be a super hectic week for us.....>_<

Anyway, due to our group "efficient-ness", yes i agree that we have a very good group leader Yuan Liang and household group leader Chua and research group leader Hisham and logistic manager Kim Loon and super treasurer Li Yen and lots of other super efficient group members...
so, we actually finish our survey in 2 days time!!!!! ok lar, most of the group oso finish in 2 days i know, but still, i love my group..

Day 1 we were back in uni before 2.30pm cause we edy hit our daily target before 12.30pm and went for lunch. But we do stay back in uni to do our SPSS things after that...
Day 2 we hit our final target before 1pm and went KLCC celebrate bday and back to uni finish our SPSS..
Day 3 is our group self-proclaim holiday!!!!!!!!

Ok this is the clinic that we went,
Health Clinic Dato Keramat, a very small clinic cause u cant find this place through google...

Next i think i m one of the most lazy group member in the group cause this is what i do everytime during meeting.......
Taking picture of ppl's boring face in the meeting....
But at least i attend meeting and show concern to the group and help do some secretary job ok...
Ok and i admit that i normally dono what m i suppose to do one but since i m in the household survey group and we r working in pairs and i m pairing up with the household survey group leader, so even i dono anything i still can survive there i know...as long as i dont have the "face-problem". LOL.

Here, the house-to-house survey time...
Day 1 Day 2, according to soh si ling, we r actually going for a trip!! cause our "tourguide" Chua will brief us on the bus every morning we went there...lol

Random photo,
saw it on the door of one of the house there... Anyone know what is Aiskrim Malaysia?

Ok, since we r suppose to enjoy ourselves there and have fun, so, as usual me n miss soh si ling continue our cam-friend craze...... er, more like she teman me to be cam-friend crazy..Thanks so so so much dear. =)
during meeting.

Day 1, Hisham ask me stop pretending as a Taiwan tourist.

Day 2 si ling wearing green. lol.

Because i really think i need to change hp edy...so before i change a hp, let's just make full use of the function...
ie cam-friend with friends!!!

Dear Beverly, i wish i can dress n look as professional as her but too bad i dont look professional most of the time......

cause i still love wearing T-shirt and sport shoes....

Health Clinic Dato' Keramat is located super near to Putra LRT station Jelatek, and it's very near KLCC. So, we decided to have lunch in KLCC on the 2nd day and also celebrate Chua's 22nd birthday.

while waiting for LRT...
Yap with the normal non-face-problem look ; Hisham n Luqman i dono what r they doing......

Photo taken with Chua.
our household survey group leader and my household survey partner. oh ya we do the survey together with Liyen n Elizabeth, and really glad that our group exceed our target ie survey >250 households in 2 days!!!!!

Happy Birthday Chua!!!

Till then.

Ps: "face-problem" is a term we used for those who kena rejected by ppl while doing household survey.

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