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Central - Nervous - System

CNS 1st week.
Got my Dream Phone.
Back from hometown.
Bought a camera in some sales.
Sister finish final exam.
No more holiday till my final exam.
IMU Ball coming.
Mock OSCE coming soon.
Exam is coming.
Household survey report is so mafan.
CNS is so hard. Dr NKM talk so fast that my brain cannot function properly in the lecture this morning.
Need to do PBL again.
Weather is so weird recently. Rain at weird timing.
Feeling very tire recently.
Need to catch up with lots of friends esp my hometown one cause so long time never c ShinChin WanXin SiewWen QianJin... edy. Didnt c Yvon around in uni too cause we had different timetable.
YOF meeting is good btw.
etc etc etc.

Random pic.
this is the IMU's Got Talent voting booth. Done by CheeLeong. and guess who is the one that draw n cut the word "IMU's GOT TALENT", i edy told him to draw nicer n cut nicer abit, but still.=_=lll The event finish yesterday. Congrats to the winner but i heard Joash performance still the BEST. =)

The Prom King Prom Queen voting booth, starting today.
So everyone go vote for ur favourite prom king / queen candidate.

M107 Photo
Our Batch 1st photo. Taken on the 1st day we enter IMU. Got this photo from the IT Department for the Convo Magazine thing. Haha...So fast we r the most senior batch in IMU Bukit Jalil edy.


Was suppose to finish the Report asap. Cause i feel doing that report is so time-wasting. Regret for not bringing everything back hometown n finish it during the holiday. Suffering now.
Btw, i found this website quite useful in my report writing, esp the 1st part. Provide translation from Bahasa Melayu to English. Cause each of us have a hard copy of the organization chart n other info, all in BM, and the report need to be written in English. But the grammar is super bad so have to restructure everything oso...

Oh ya today is my OO (senior) Doreen 's birthday. So, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY ya! Wish u best of luck in University of Aberdeen...!!! =)

PMS Matching result will be out in < 24 hours time. Hope all my friends got the university that they want...! I am going Seremban anyway.

Till then.

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