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Because my camera spoilt

so i need to get photos from others, that's why i got all these photos so late...

And ok i know this post is super super SUPER belated, but nvm lar, i still want to blog ar, just bear with me la.

OMG i started to develop the "D" syndrome, with all the ...lah, ...meh, ...leh, ...ar, ...wei in every sentences! oh NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!! i want to be normal i want to be normal i want to be normal...


It's at last year, when i go volunteer for community at heart's christmas event, in IOI mall Puchong.
Do u believe if i say i go there volunteer to blow ballons?! LOL...

"The Heavenly gift" booth in IOI Mall, it's a community event that organize by community at heart in December, to help raise fund for the unfortunate children.

Ok, that's just random. what i want to show is this...
*cause it's Christmas so all of us wearing white ok!!*
with chloe, my dearest pretty cute chloe!

The bday cake. this why i say this post is super BELATED cause they celebrate the bday 20+ days BEFORE the actual bday date. That's why ...it's very unfortunate to born in late December cause that time everyone is having holiday and u ended up either celebrate bday daySSSS before ur bday or celebrate it alone on that day...lol, i m just kidding.

BFF, Marissa - Cindy - Amy

I like this photo!!!
i dono we taken such "act cute" photo on that day. can't stop laughing at how they pose...hahahahahhahaha.....

Lastly, these are us that volunteer in the community event.
QianHui - Chloe - Lynda - Amy - Cindy - Marissa. =)

Till then.

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