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Because i m a girl

so i CANNOT choose NOT to have PreMenstrualSyndrome every month and being emo at least once in a month...

I dono izit me or everyone have this feeling, like we are doing alot of things recently but we still think that we r doing nothing n just wasting our time actually. Ok i oso dono what do i mean, but this is how i feel in these few days,
got study but dont think i remember anything that i studied...
got do whatever i do routinely but dont think i m doing anything...
aiya just dono what's wrong with me lar.
I actually got nothing to worry about except exam, and i dono what m i so busy at and why m i feeling so DISORGANIZE.....

Sigh, someone pls ask me STOP emo. =_=lll

Oh ya, my friend just kena robbed recently, feel bad for her, so GIRLS, pls be careful when u r walking on the street. Robbers are everywhere and anyone could be their next target. !!!!!!!!

Was on 2nd week of our Community medicine week, with presentation at the end of the week. Have discussion with group members on Tuesday, well, i realize our PBL room look like a maze. And it's so hard to find a PBL room if u r not familiar with the rooms.

Since now every batch of medicine course is in uni cause none of the batch were on holiday, so, it's not easy to find an empty PBL room to have discussion, we r forced to shift room, 2 times, due to the juniors having their PBL on the allocated time.
I show this photos cause Chua say my handwriting is nicer than my face. so no my face in this post. T_T

The survey form...
which i think i contribute in typing 10 questions inside........out of er...40+ questions?! lol

Here,the photos, these are the ppl that really do their job,
cause ppl like me half way go Seri Kembangan printing company there, then lepak sini lepak sana and when i finally come back to the room i found out that actually nothing to do edy, and i oso dono why m i staying so long inside the discussion room and what m i doing there. Cause i m sitting there doing things like this : Taking photos....
Ok, Prof Yadav and Dr Nagaraja Lee is very helpful i admit.

Next, it's IMU Recruitment Drive AGAIN... Look at the crowd in Atrium means we are getting one semester OLDER again...lol...

Oh ya, SRC election is coming soon, since my juniors are involve in it,
so, for Secretary, pls support Natasha from ME1/08,
and for Treasurer, pls support Ickes from ME1/08 oso. lol.

Have lunch here today, this is Jo's pan mee shop, lol.
Actually i like the Chinese Name of this shop, 早早, haha...
How come Bukit Jalil dont have such happening place as Kuchai Lama??? T_T

And this is FullHouse, the legand restaurant that everyone talk about, in NZX, some very isolated place. Nice environment, nice decoration, nice stuff and nice food.

Oh lastly, to my dearest M107 batchmates...pls register urself at IMU Alumni website cause IMU Alumni will only sponser our convocation magazine IF EVERYONE (i repeat EVERYONE!!!!) sign up as a member of IMU Alumni, ok, it's FREE, so pls pls pls pls PLEASE go sign up.

Quoted from the email send by our editor,

Failure to do so (sign up as member of IMU Alumni) will mean that each person will have to incur a higher cost for the magazine.

So, go sign up lar. Thanks alot. Terima kasih banyak. Arigatou gozaimasu. Gamsahamnida. >_<

Btw, date set for the batch photograph to be taken is Wednesday 25th March, at 10.30a.m. Hopefully everyone will come, but i know it's a DREAM only lar...haha. M107....

Till then.

All the best for ME/DT108 in ur coming summative!!!!! =)

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