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Hectic day.

I still cannot believe that i m involve in convo magazine again.
Still remember when i m in Form 4, being the editor of school magazine used to be my dream, and i achieve that in Form 5. Lol, i dono how the school select the editor but it's just suddenly my teacher tell me he want to submit my name to the teacher in charge of school magazine and the next day i was called to meet that teacher.
Actually i know lar, it's very obvious that the school select editor base on their academic result, not that much on the capability of the student, but nvm lar. I still glad that i have 2 years experience in my secondary school editorial board.

Went to Seri Kembangan the printing company to talk to the manager about our convo mag, ok, yes, M107, we will have a convo mag ok.
Ohya, what i want to say here is google earth is very useful...even a road blind like me can read!!!! and it's free for download!!!!!!! cause jo find the way to the printing company using this. =)

Well, do talk to some others regarding the convo mag, and we plan to take our very own batch group photo when CNS started, and i really dono that, to take one photo, we need to run up n down in IMU to go to so many different department to apply this apply that.....sigh. Now i understand why my Form 6 PA teacher so hate Birokrasi in Malaysia.....lol.

Ok, i better stop now n go back home study.
Had printed the notes. And was actually transfer some files from I-drive to my pendrive but it's still loading....sigh, elab computer......

Before i finish, this is what i type in the begining of this post but i think it's not good to start a post with so much ranting... Jst ignore it lar.
Ok, i m in the library eleb now and suppose to study but then cause need to print notes and i really really hate elab computer now!!!!!!!!!! I try more than 3 computer just to print that 22 slides notes and wait for >10 mins for it to load. and after it finish loading i just realize i send to the wrong printer and need to print it again......... =_=lll
Sigh, since IMU is so rich why dont just upgrade abit on every computer and stop wasting students time in waiting the PC to load and function properly.......

Till then.

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