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I want to blog but i oso want to show this picture in my blog......
So i decided to just show one picture here.

Yupe, i got my Dream hand phone, is Samsung G400!!!!!!!!

And this is the show-off picture of the Samsung phone i have before and now...

Got the first one in July 2003, 2nd one in April 2006, 3rd one in March 2009. Oh no, this means that my hp average lifespan is ONLY 2.5++years. T_T
and the price of samsung phone drop so super-ly fast, i doubt if i were to sell my 2nd phone Samsung E770 with 1/4 of it's original price anyone wants to buy?! Just Kidding.

OK let me tell u this,
i don't watch football so i cannot tell u that i m Man-U/Liverpool/Arsenal fans,
but then there is 2 things that i can tell u i m a big fan of it,
First, i only use Samsung hand phone,
Second, i only use Dove hair shampoo..........that's all.

Sorry, after crap so much in the reflection of the report, my blog oso become so wu liao edy...@_@

Till then.

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Central - Nervous - System

CNS 1st week.
Got my Dream Phone.
Back from hometown.
Bought a camera in some sales.
Sister finish final exam.
No more holiday till my final exam.
IMU Ball coming.
Mock OSCE coming soon.
Exam is coming.
Household survey report is so mafan.
CNS is so hard. Dr NKM talk so fast that my brain cannot function properly in the lecture this morning.
Need to do PBL again.
Weather is so weird recently. Rain at weird timing.
Feeling very tire recently.
Need to catch up with lots of friends esp my hometown one cause so long time never c ShinChin WanXin SiewWen QianJin... edy. Didnt c Yvon around in uni too cause we had different timetable.
YOF meeting is good btw.
etc etc etc.

Random pic.
this is the IMU's Got Talent voting booth. Done by CheeLeong. and guess who is the one that draw n cut the word "IMU's GOT TALENT", i edy told him to draw nicer n cut nicer abit, but still.=_=lll The event finish yesterday. Congrats to the winner but i heard Joash performance still the BEST. =)

The Prom King Prom Queen voting booth, starting today.
So everyone go vote for ur favourite prom king / queen candidate.

M107 Photo
Our Batch 1st photo. Taken on the 1st day we enter IMU. Got this photo from the IT Department for the Convo Magazine thing. Haha...So fast we r the most senior batch in IMU Bukit Jalil edy.


Was suppose to finish the Report asap. Cause i feel doing that report is so time-wasting. Regret for not bringing everything back hometown n finish it during the holiday. Suffering now.
Btw, i found this website quite useful in my report writing, esp the 1st part. Provide translation from Bahasa Melayu to English. Cause each of us have a hard copy of the organization chart n other info, all in BM, and the report need to be written in English. But the grammar is super bad so have to restructure everything oso...

Oh ya today is my OO (senior) Doreen 's birthday. So, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY ya! Wish u best of luck in University of Aberdeen...!!! =)

PMS Matching result will be out in < 24 hours time. Hope all my friends got the university that they want...! I am going Seremban anyway.

Till then.

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This is korea

Because i miss the chance to go Korea...T_T
And Korea is my dream holiday country...

Here's the pic of Korea!!! which my parents and my bro went, without me n my sis. =(

Let me tell u this before hand, i m a pastor daughter and i came from a very Christian family background. Just in case u dono. Lol. Cause i know i don't seem like one, which is very true, and i don't mind cause i never chose to be like that. I m still a very normal person and i m very grateful for the ppl around me that accept me as i m. No pastor kid chose to become one, but i don't blame anyone for being one. That's all.

This is my dearest mummy walking on one of the street in Korea. Lol, this is dono her #XYZ trip to Korea edy. *envy envy* I want to go travel like her too!!!

My dearest bro, does he look cool?! =)

This, the LARGEST CHURCH in the world, founded by Pastor Cho.

Yoido Full Gospel Church!

The big cross in front, day n night view. This the significant feature of that church building, i think.

I think this road call Victory Road.

But i love the trees around it more...


Daddy Mummy look good there...=)

The "famous" prayer room in Korea.
If u are a Christian u will know what is this.

Ok this just pic of Dunkin Donut for my sister cause she is DD's fan.

The graveyard that my parents visit in Korea.

Oh i edy fulfill my role as a granddaughter to go clean the graveyard / qin ming this year.
This another side of my family, all my uncles / my grandfather's son will come back hometown during "qin ming festival" EVERY YEAR without failed. Show how important is this festival to my family. >_<
Compare my hometown graveyard and Korea's, =_=lll

Till then.

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Because my camera spoilt

so i need to get photos from others, that's why i got all these photos so late...

And ok i know this post is super super SUPER belated, but nvm lar, i still want to blog ar, just bear with me la.

OMG i started to develop the "D" syndrome, with all the ...lah, ...meh, ...leh, ...ar, ...wei in every sentences! oh NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!! i want to be normal i want to be normal i want to be normal...


It's at last year, when i go volunteer for community at heart's christmas event, in IOI mall Puchong.
Do u believe if i say i go there volunteer to blow ballons?! LOL...

"The Heavenly gift" booth in IOI Mall, it's a community event that organize by community at heart in December, to help raise fund for the unfortunate children.

Ok, that's just random. what i want to show is this...
*cause it's Christmas so all of us wearing white ok!!*
with chloe, my dearest pretty cute chloe!

The bday cake. this why i say this post is super BELATED cause they celebrate the bday 20+ days BEFORE the actual bday date. That's why ...it's very unfortunate to born in late December cause that time everyone is having holiday and u ended up either celebrate bday daySSSS before ur bday or celebrate it alone on that day...lol, i m just kidding.

BFF, Marissa - Cindy - Amy

I like this photo!!!
i dono we taken such "act cute" photo on that day. can't stop laughing at how they pose...hahahahahhahaha.....

Lastly, these are us that volunteer in the community event.
QianHui - Chloe - Lynda - Amy - Cindy - Marissa. =)

Till then.

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A story of Grace

A super BIG congratulation to my church youth n teens pastor for the wedding!! It's really a great one, and a dream wedding for lots of girls i guess...
cause it's really A story of Grace.

Nice decoration.

sigh i realize i m lazy to type word, so photos shown only.
Qian - Lynda

Group photo #1

Yeah, the wedding ceremony...
The arrival of the bride, the handing of the bride to the groom, and the signing of wedding certificate.

Group photo #2

oh ya, the restaurant is very big. lol.

Group photo #3... with PC, isn't she pretty?! Love her so so so much!!!!!

let's update abit on our batch IMU Alumni status, only 46 ppl out of 163 ppl from M107 had sign up as a member of it... It's really very sad leh, dono izit because those who havent register never check emails or they r too busy studying. Please do sign up ya...

Till then.

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The date

They say today is white valentine day. It's a good date.
and today is my church pastor's wedding day.

Ok, the wedding is very very nice. Love it. This just random photo.
Names of the bride n groom. =)

Actually i remember very clearly what had i did in this date for past 2 years, but then that's all memories now. lol,, if ever u understand this sentence....

Btw this date is no more a sad date for me... *smile*

Oh ya i m spending my study break in Seremban cause my parents say no point going back hometown since they r in Seremban... @_@ I miss Ayer Tawar now.

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Because i m a girl

so i CANNOT choose NOT to have PreMenstrualSyndrome every month and being emo at least once in a month...

I dono izit me or everyone have this feeling, like we are doing alot of things recently but we still think that we r doing nothing n just wasting our time actually. Ok i oso dono what do i mean, but this is how i feel in these few days,
got study but dont think i remember anything that i studied...
got do whatever i do routinely but dont think i m doing anything...
aiya just dono what's wrong with me lar.
I actually got nothing to worry about except exam, and i dono what m i so busy at and why m i feeling so DISORGANIZE.....

Sigh, someone pls ask me STOP emo. =_=lll

Oh ya, my friend just kena robbed recently, feel bad for her, so GIRLS, pls be careful when u r walking on the street. Robbers are everywhere and anyone could be their next target. !!!!!!!!

Was on 2nd week of our Community medicine week, with presentation at the end of the week. Have discussion with group members on Tuesday, well, i realize our PBL room look like a maze. And it's so hard to find a PBL room if u r not familiar with the rooms.

Since now every batch of medicine course is in uni cause none of the batch were on holiday, so, it's not easy to find an empty PBL room to have discussion, we r forced to shift room, 2 times, due to the juniors having their PBL on the allocated time.
I show this photos cause Chua say my handwriting is nicer than my face. so no my face in this post. T_T

The survey form...
which i think i contribute in typing 10 questions inside........out of er...40+ questions?! lol

Here,the photos, these are the ppl that really do their job,
cause ppl like me half way go Seri Kembangan printing company there, then lepak sini lepak sana and when i finally come back to the room i found out that actually nothing to do edy, and i oso dono why m i staying so long inside the discussion room and what m i doing there. Cause i m sitting there doing things like this : Taking photos....
Ok, Prof Yadav and Dr Nagaraja Lee is very helpful i admit.

Next, it's IMU Recruitment Drive AGAIN... Look at the crowd in Atrium means we are getting one semester OLDER again...lol...

Oh ya, SRC election is coming soon, since my juniors are involve in it,
so, for Secretary, pls support Natasha from ME1/08,
and for Treasurer, pls support Ickes from ME1/08 oso. lol.

Have lunch here today, this is Jo's pan mee shop, lol.
Actually i like the Chinese Name of this shop, 早早, haha...
How come Bukit Jalil dont have such happening place as Kuchai Lama??? T_T

And this is FullHouse, the legand restaurant that everyone talk about, in NZX, some very isolated place. Nice environment, nice decoration, nice stuff and nice food.

Oh lastly, to my dearest M107 batchmates...pls register urself at IMU Alumni website cause IMU Alumni will only sponser our convocation magazine IF EVERYONE (i repeat EVERYONE!!!!) sign up as a member of IMU Alumni, ok, it's FREE, so pls pls pls pls PLEASE go sign up.

Quoted from the email send by our editor,

Failure to do so (sign up as member of IMU Alumni) will mean that each person will have to incur a higher cost for the magazine.

So, go sign up lar. Thanks alot. Terima kasih banyak. Arigatou gozaimasu. Gamsahamnida. >_<

Btw, date set for the batch photograph to be taken is Wednesday 25th March, at 10.30a.m. Hopefully everyone will come, but i know it's a DREAM only lar...haha. M107....

Till then.

All the best for ME/DT108 in ur coming summative!!!!! =)

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Hectic day.

I still cannot believe that i m involve in convo magazine again.
Still remember when i m in Form 4, being the editor of school magazine used to be my dream, and i achieve that in Form 5. Lol, i dono how the school select the editor but it's just suddenly my teacher tell me he want to submit my name to the teacher in charge of school magazine and the next day i was called to meet that teacher.
Actually i know lar, it's very obvious that the school select editor base on their academic result, not that much on the capability of the student, but nvm lar. I still glad that i have 2 years experience in my secondary school editorial board.

Went to Seri Kembangan the printing company to talk to the manager about our convo mag, ok, yes, M107, we will have a convo mag ok.
Ohya, what i want to say here is google earth is very useful...even a road blind like me can read!!!! and it's free for download!!!!!!! cause jo find the way to the printing company using this. =)

Well, do talk to some others regarding the convo mag, and we plan to take our very own batch group photo when CNS started, and i really dono that, to take one photo, we need to run up n down in IMU to go to so many different department to apply this apply that.....sigh. Now i understand why my Form 6 PA teacher so hate Birokrasi in Malaysia.....lol.

Ok, i better stop now n go back home study.
Had printed the notes. And was actually transfer some files from I-drive to my pendrive but it's still loading....sigh, elab computer......

Before i finish, this is what i type in the begining of this post but i think it's not good to start a post with so much ranting... Jst ignore it lar.
Ok, i m in the library eleb now and suppose to study but then cause need to print notes and i really really hate elab computer now!!!!!!!!!! I try more than 3 computer just to print that 22 slides notes and wait for >10 mins for it to load. and after it finish loading i just realize i send to the wrong printer and need to print it again......... =_=lll
Sigh, since IMU is so rich why dont just upgrade abit on every computer and stop wasting students time in waiting the PC to load and function properly.......

Till then.

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Of random ranting

First, this is Bukit Jalil park...
The only place that IMU students that stay in vista komanwel can go jog, ok unless u got a car so u can drive to the park with nicer view in another side of Bukit Jalil.

ok, so my 1st ranting is i HATE raining when i want to go jogging...
It happen few times when i cannot wake up in the morning n terpaksa go jogging in the evening. This explain why i prefer go jogging in the morning than evening. Cause the weather recently is so weird... U will never know when it will rain. >_<

Secondly i would like to send my condolence to my poor camera.
My friend told me is the lens problem, so the picture turn up to be not perfect...
like the photo on right side. Look at the photos remind me of Langer's line (refer to Dr JPJ's Skin notes).

ok i promise i really didnt photoshop it or do anything to this photo, so now u know how bad the "damage" of that camera... T_T

Qian - Mian - Diana Seah, photo taken weeks ago, when the camera show it's 1st sign of damage...
Oh ya we go watch Benjamin Button, and i still want to comment that the movie is very draggy ok, the only attractive part is when Brad Pit is on the screen... =_=lll

Third, i would oso want to talk about my handphone, cause it is dying soon oso, i predict...
Sigh, after being my loyal phone for almost 3 years, and worsen my camwhore habit, it keep on giving me problem now-a-days, by sudden jam / hang there or can't send msg to others or die off halfway while i m talking on phone...
Ok, i seriously need a new phone.
Dream phone - Samsung G400

Forth, i really really miss home now.
I know i have a very comfortable room in Vista Komanwel, but then i still miss my room in my own house lar!!!!!!!!
Room with this many soft toys........belongs to me n my sister.
Ok 2/3 or it is my sister's. lol. I miss my pretty sister oso...

I know i upload this photo dono how many times in this blog edy, but dont care lar, i will look at it when i really really miss home and my dearest sibling...

Fifth, i love this high heel shoe.
It's only 4 inches,and i admit i m not tall. I actually wish i can grow taller one ok. lol.

Finish my random thought, back to study... ok.

Oh ya, let's give a super round applause to our Batch Rep Yuan Liang cause he finish editing the video that we r going to show during IMU Ball. I think he is the most responsible batch rep ever lar.....!!!!!!!

Till then.

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Household Survey

Health Issues subject had been removed starting from my batch, therefore we have to do Health Survey to replace that. And because according to Prof Yadav, other university usually allocate 3 weeks for health survey but in IMU we only got 2 weeks time to do so, due to dono what reason i forgot cause dreaming in class...so supposingly, this week should be a super hectic week for us.....>_<

Anyway, due to our group "efficient-ness", yes i agree that we have a very good group leader Yuan Liang and household group leader Chua and research group leader Hisham and logistic manager Kim Loon and super treasurer Li Yen and lots of other super efficient group members...
so, we actually finish our survey in 2 days time!!!!! ok lar, most of the group oso finish in 2 days i know, but still, i love my group..

Day 1 we were back in uni before 2.30pm cause we edy hit our daily target before 12.30pm and went for lunch. But we do stay back in uni to do our SPSS things after that...
Day 2 we hit our final target before 1pm and went KLCC celebrate bday and back to uni finish our SPSS..
Day 3 is our group self-proclaim holiday!!!!!!!!

Ok this is the clinic that we went,
Health Clinic Dato Keramat, a very small clinic cause u cant find this place through google...

Next i think i m one of the most lazy group member in the group cause this is what i do everytime during meeting.......
Taking picture of ppl's boring face in the meeting....
But at least i attend meeting and show concern to the group and help do some secretary job ok...
Ok and i admit that i normally dono what m i suppose to do one but since i m in the household survey group and we r working in pairs and i m pairing up with the household survey group leader, so even i dono anything i still can survive there i know...as long as i dont have the "face-problem". LOL.

Here, the house-to-house survey time...
Day 1 Day 2, according to soh si ling, we r actually going for a trip!! cause our "tourguide" Chua will brief us on the bus every morning we went there...lol

Random photo,
saw it on the door of one of the house there... Anyone know what is Aiskrim Malaysia?

Ok, since we r suppose to enjoy ourselves there and have fun, so, as usual me n miss soh si ling continue our cam-friend craze...... er, more like she teman me to be cam-friend crazy..Thanks so so so much dear. =)
during meeting.

Day 1, Hisham ask me stop pretending as a Taiwan tourist.

Day 2 si ling wearing green. lol.

Because i really think i need to change hp edy...so before i change a hp, let's just make full use of the function...
ie cam-friend with friends!!!

Dear Beverly, i wish i can dress n look as professional as her but too bad i dont look professional most of the time......

cause i still love wearing T-shirt and sport shoes....

Health Clinic Dato' Keramat is located super near to Putra LRT station Jelatek, and it's very near KLCC. So, we decided to have lunch in KLCC on the 2nd day and also celebrate Chua's 22nd birthday.

while waiting for LRT...
Yap with the normal non-face-problem look ; Hisham n Luqman i dono what r they doing......

Photo taken with Chua.
our household survey group leader and my household survey partner. oh ya we do the survey together with Liyen n Elizabeth, and really glad that our group exceed our target ie survey >250 households in 2 days!!!!!

Happy Birthday Chua!!!

Till then.

Ps: "face-problem" is a term we used for those who kena rejected by ppl while doing household survey.

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