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The weather is super unpredictable these few days....
Few days ago it's so super hot even at night if i want to stay in my room study i cannot close my door cause it's too stuffy.
But this type of weather good for jogging lar, at least everytime when i plan to go jogging it's not raining.....

It's a super long day for me today from morning Lecture to PBL to discussion of IMS to going CSU room teaching juniors CSU to attending Prayer Meet to having a full 2 hours CSU.....
Plan to go jogging after CSU but sigh, the weather spoilt my jogging mood. Cause it's raining so super heavy out there and i think this is the first time i see such heavy rain in Bukit Jalil for this year. Yupe it's super heavy that my dear housemate Amy oso agree that.
Ok, jogging plan failed today and pls pls pray that it's wont rain tomorow cause i really need to jog!!!!

Till then. i finish ranting.

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