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V - Day

Ok because today is Valentine day so i decided to blog.

Well, since my life is abit boring recently, sigh what do u expect for Semester 5...the last sem in bukit jalil. So it's just centre around uni - house - uni - library - home - church on weekend, then uni - house - library - lec hall .........*cycle repeat*

Sigh even Chap Goh meh oso spent doing this thing.
Dont ask me what is this u will know if u go IMU Ball.

And seeing people emo-ing and posing.
Poser aka Cam-Fren

and his friend

So u know how boring is it.....

Ok i will blog properly next time, i just dono what to write although i really have alot of things in mind, but once i start typing, i end up writing useless stuff. Btw if u happen to be CL or JH fans, pls dont come n harm me ar, i just feel that the photos are nice so post it up here only. Lol

This is call cheeleong's post. Lol

Happy Valentine Day.

Till then. ^_^

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