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Study n Vietnam

Dad called few days ago n ask me when is my exam cause he thought i m having exam recently since i told him im studying when he call. lol so u know how lazy m i that everytime dad call i m not studying one.....haha.

2 years ago i cannot understand why medical students have to be so strees up and keep studying n complaining that they still have 10 weeks left for exam and are worrying for cant finish studying....
Now i understand this feeling edy, cause after getting the EOS 5 timetable, i realize how important is to study constantly.......sigh. Study study lar.

Oh ya and i realize time is very important for everyone of us, and i found out that i actually can rush from my uni lecture hall in 4th floor to my condo, take something from my friend's house, bring the thing to my house, then rush back to uni lecture hall in less than 15 minutes!! and in between the journey talk to few people and say hi to few friends.... lol, cause this is what i do during lecture break from 9am to 9.15am last friday.

Ok i should stop complain about study and typing nonsence, should just blog about something happy....
Like FOOD, these are all Vietnam food, taken when i was there, and my diet plan still going on ok.

And i miss my travel companions in Vietnam.

The little girl is very cute and the guy behind is just background..=_=lll

Till then.

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