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Of V-day n Mich bday

First of all, today is Michelle Lee's bday,
so Happy 21st bday dear Mich!!!!!!! =)

Next let's talk about valentine day...
To tell u the truth i actually spend my v-day all alone for the past 2 years although i actually have someone special to celebrate with. But this year i happily celebrted v-day with lots of friends although i dont have someone special to celebrate with. lol lol.

Since my life still centre around studies, and more studies, and extra studies...
therefore was suppose to study on last saturday, but......after forcing myself wake up early early morning to go jogging, i actually didnt study much on that day. Sigh, someone pls motivate me to study harder.....T_T

Have lunch with my dear darling Mian Li....er in my house...during v-day.
How i wish i m as thin as her.......and how she wish she is not that thin.

Went for Mich's pre-bday celebration after church service.
The ice-cream bday cake!!!!

Michelle with her cake. I like the crown we make her wear that night...^_^

Me n Mich. =)

Next just photos n photos...
Posing in front of the restaurant with Miss SohSiLing...haha..

Camera = Girl's BEST friend!!!

This is to prove that my camwhore handphone camera can actually fit in 5 people...lol
Back: Li Yen - Si Ling ; Front: Yuan Liang - Qian Hui - Khee Lung

The forever camwhore friends....it's fun ok.
SL - QH - YL
KL - SL - QH

Yuan Liang n his orange colour ballons.....that match his shirt's colour.
Chloe's dress also match the colour of the ballons!

Pls notice that the ballons that each of us holding match the colour of our shirts too!!!!!!! Lol, study too much edy so gila-gila play with the ballons there......

The only one with the shirt that doesnt match the ballon colour...Miss SohSiLing...lol

Qian Qian - Ling Ling

And because the food there is so expensive, lol, therefore we decided to share food.
I dono the name of this dish, i think is Bento set.
Another set, ok i also dono what's the name of this dish, something like Unagi(?!)... Lol.
Because i m not in charge of ordering the food or even finishing the food, so dont blame me...
Was just in charge of posing for the food.....without advertisment fees..
cause not pretty enough.

Well, cause it's an IceCream cake that is so fattening...
Jo my diet planner took an super ugly pic of me eating the cake.
While he himself enjoying the 2nd piece of cake there.....T_T
Ok i edy jog 10 rounds for that piece of cake ok....@_@

And this is Soh Si Ling happily playing with matches n posing without kena scolded. While i kena scolded by KheeLung when i was playing with it...=_=lll

Last photo,
taken in the garden's toilet...lol

Till then.

Ps : I dont like my wireless connection today.

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