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MSK - Last week

MSK system course finishing soon....so fast right.

It's edy end of Feb, new batch of juniors coming in, it's ME/DT109, lol, felt abit old now when i see the word M107...and when i look around uni i cant find my seniors anymore, in stead most of them are juniors. Sigh, juniors here juniors there.

ok orientation started, and it's time to release stress by bullying juniors again...lol, i m just joking..
cause After joining orientation for so many semester, felt abit lazy to join all those activities this time and i think i lose my enthusiasm for orientation edy. It's the same every year anyway. and i m sitting for EOS in less than 3 months time.

So best OO award in our batch should give to Yuan Liang ok. haha. i know i m lame.

Anyway, this is what i find it funny for this sem orientation....
First time i see the orientation group actually use our Atrium stage as their group meeting place and do all their props, name tags, flags etc there. It's not like IMU don't have enough PBL room or 4th floor is fully occupied by people. ok i just think those juniors are funny.


Cause i got 2 housemates who were so involve in this orientation, and i need to pick up the bag so i decided to went uni to have a look on the orientation Ice Breaker. Lol this is the advantage of staying less than 5 mins from uni, u can walk over to uni whenever u want...
Ice Breaker... I was there for 20-30 min to fight Oxygen with all of them...sigh the hall is so stuffy and i dono how did all these juniors survive inside for so many hours...
Btw i felt that the juniors are not so enthu like last time. Anyway i m not involve in orientation this time. But hopefully the whole orientation will turn up to be a fun n memorable one, as it always does. =)

Ok i shall proceed to my boring life...
and see the sunset from my room everyday.

I promise to help my friend to promote this concert. It's at UniTEN and i have no idea what is it about actually. But there is some poster at the notice board in Atrium and i saw some UniTEN students in IMU today to promote this. lol.

Ps: sorry i will be abit emo this week since my parents are not in Malaysia this week and i got no one to call when i feel sad. sigh. I OSO WANT TO GO KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till then.

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