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After 2 years staying in KL and becoming the main tenant of the house, i m really glad that i was blessed wth lots of good housemates...

One of my ex-housemate who is studying in Australia now called me last week to say hi and talk to me, was so glad to hear from her again. And i felt bad cause i was not around to encourage her during her most critical period in uni....cause i was being admitted into hospital then. But anyway, still think that she is a very very nice girl and a very very good housemate. Thanks Michelle Sam.

Besides her, i used to have a housemate that bring me to clinic and then hospital when i accidentally cut my finger, er to be exact i cut my tendon of Extensor Digitorum of left index finger and she waited there with me until the orthopedic confirm that i need to b admitted into hospital. Such a nice girl too.

Then i do have housemate that willing to share alot of thing with me and cook for me and let me use her printer when i really need one.

Now i oso have housemates that really really help me alot when i call them for help, and become body guard when i force them to do so...=_=lll They r really nice person.

But among all my housemates, Amy is the special one, cause she is the only one that stay with me since semester 1 untill now. Although we dont really talk much in uni but amy still a very very good friend to me, and she share alot of things with me when we r at home. Sometime she is abit blur but she is a very very sincere girl.

Therefore, after typing so many "fei hua" above, i want to wish AMY my dear housemate HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY!!!
Really hope u like the surprise party we throw u yesterday night and the mid-night bday song i force cl to sing with me to u... =)

^_^ Specially for AMY!!

oh btw my camera spoilt and i havent got the photos from my friends who bring camera during the bday celebration, so not much photos to show.

This Sook Yee and Amy, both two Ipoh girls.

And i want to thanks Marissa n Jocelyn so so so much for planning and helping.
Marissa - Qian Hui.
Oh and Priscilla too, thanks so much. I really treasure the friendship i have with everyone of u....Thanks for going jogging together with me early in the morning just to compensate the carbs that we r going to eat for dinner...@_@


Next let's talk about study in library AGAIN...
someone forward some photos of strange building in the world to me few days ago, and here's my favourite photos...
Kansas City Public Library, lol i oso hope IMU library will look like that so i will feel more happy studying inside...

And since i m going to study Vertebra Column lecture note later let me show the pic of this building....
Lloyds Building, look like the lateral view of Vertebra body right...lol.

Ok enough showing off my nerdy-ness...these r the pic of the rest of the strange buildings in the world.

Sigh i want to visit all of them lar....!!!!!

I like this house so much...
Ripley Believe or not Building.. I think i saw it in TV before...when i was in primary or secondary school, lol.

And the house for Cute people...
I actually think the green colour side is nicer. ^_^

Ok last photo,
taken in library, hopeless-ly cam-fren me. T_T

Till then.

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