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The guide to...

1. This is a guide to a healthier lifestyle and to be thinner.

2. It's just crapping. So extreme ppl like Q-H won't follow.

3. Skipping meals everyday will cause hypoglycaemia.

4. Skip dinner will cause fine tremor so u cant write properly at night hence cant study properly.

5. Jogging is good but if u want to go jogging, pls make sure u eat at least one meal before going. If not nearly faint there dont blame others.

6. Seaweed and water for the whole day will cause u cant concentrate in study.

7. Say edy extreme ppl wont follow, so the extreme diet plan will still carried on.

8. Pls ignore all the statement above cause the person typing it is very sleepy now.

Ok, i know i m really really lame to type out this so-lame points. @_@

Till then.

Ps : Sem 5 is so HECTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T

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