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Class gathering

Because we used to go each others house "bai nian" on the 2nd day of CNY every year since few years ago, therefore we always have a class gathering on 2nd day of CNY.
Because we had leave secondary school for so long, therefore it's getting harder n harder to gather everyone around. but only during CNY time u will realize some of ur friend actually no more in malaysia and some of ur friend actually graduate soon...blah blah blah...
Sigh i dono how to comment on the class gathering, but i love those who came and i miss those who didnt come. Fair enough.

Gathering wont be complete without a camera...
The pathetic small table and the foods, do u notice the amount of 100 Plus we take, cause we need energy to ride motorcycle. swt. I m just crapping.

Suh Jen - Qian Jin - Yvonne - Shin Chin - Wan Xin - Yi En

The crazy one. Kui Hwa - Wan Xin - Qian Hui - Yi En - Suh Jen - Lee Ing - Hong Min

Chong Sen - Wei Wooi - Shi Hua - Shan Wen - Shang Huei
Ok lar photo not nice dont blame me, i edy told them i m taking photo but they just cant stop talking. Sigh, this call 5B's guys. Lol, at least they are better than lots of others liao lar.....

The GROUP photo
ok i m too lazy to name everyone. Diew Leong - Sze Chuen, who ask both of u come late lar.......not in the group photo not my fault. >.<

The pretty girls... "Cutest girl" Shin Chin and our "School Flower" Kui Hwa

The battle between Samsung n Olympus.
Samsung win definitely =)

Shin Chin : my camera is the best
Kui Hwa : who say! mine one better...
@_@ =_=lll

Shin Chin again, i just want to show Qian Jin "scolding" ppl behind...lol.

The one that keep complain about my laziness and my severe procrastinate problem and my super bad driving skill --> Wan Xin
Kui Hwa - Wan Xin, ok sorry lar wanxin next time i balik kampung i will be rajin abit go find u ok. T_T

Enough hometown n CNY post, i really miss home now, and i know i just got back from there 2 days ago actually.

Lastly i just want to show my Vietnam photo.
Photo taken at Ha Long Bay ship trip. sigh now i realize it edy few months back story and i never blog about vietnam.

Ok nvm at least i finish my Form A Form B and ECA Form. Till then.

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