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Ok after few hundreds times of trying,
i still cannot used external blog template as my blog template, so i think is my blogspot problem, therefore i give up trying copy paste the template from other website.

Well i do change my blog template, a simple one, cause i was too bored of seeing the same template everytime i open this page, but i still love GREEN colour, so if u see so many green colour in this blog pls dont blame me ok. GREEN is good for ur EYES!!!! lol

Going back to kl soon lar, head pain again cause this means that extreme study + diet life will start soon.

Ok, and the house problem need to be solve oso, so my advice to student that plan to study abroad: If u want to rent a house together with ur friends, dont ever be the main tenant of the house, better dont be the so "responsible" one to sign contract with the house's owner, just be irresponsible / blur abit n let ur friend do all the job for u......if not head pain next time dont say i didnt advice u.

Till then. @_@ sorry emo post.

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