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28 Feb

He is the most important guy to me in this world.
He is the one that love me the most in this world.
He is the one that i respect the most in this world.
He is the best guy i had ever seen.
He is not perfect, but to me he is the best role model to every guy in this world.
He is there whenever i feel down.
He is the first one i would call if i got into any trouble.
He is the first one to know my feeling after i screw up my past relationship.
He is the one that will keep encourage me when i was so stress up of studies.
He is the one that support my living expenses and paying for my super expensive university fees currently.
He is the one that will concern about my safety everywhere i go, and call me if i didnt back home on my family's curfew hour.

He is my dear daddy. He is my mum's best husband. He is my brother's best role model. He is my sister n my best father!!!!

Therefore, to my dear dear dear dear dearest DADDY....


May all ur wish come true and i pray that u will stay healthy and happy everyday.

And may all ur children grown up to be a person that make u proud. pic : sis - dad - bro - me ^_^

Oh ya, btw, dad finally message me from Korea this morning, so i m very happy today. :)

Well, went Treasure Hunt this morning, ok i just want to jog n exercise actually...and i went back before the event finish...lol.

Er, just in case u dono how IMU orientation's treasuer hunt look like.... U will be so smelly n dirty after all the games. but it's fun.

with Ickes, the one that in charge of the whole treasure hunt, and he used to be my orientation junior!!!! :)

and when a sem 5 OO met a sem 5 SM....
with Liyen
Ren-ping n me. :)

this is what u will get... @_@
Sem 5 edy oso kena bully........sigh. Thanks to mr kheelung!!!!!! I know i m not as hardworking as i should be lar...ok, will study more ok...T_T

Till then.

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