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28 Feb

He is the most important guy to me in this world.
He is the one that love me the most in this world.
He is the one that i respect the most in this world.
He is the best guy i had ever seen.
He is not perfect, but to me he is the best role model to every guy in this world.
He is there whenever i feel down.
He is the first one i would call if i got into any trouble.
He is the first one to know my feeling after i screw up my past relationship.
He is the one that will keep encourage me when i was so stress up of studies.
He is the one that support my living expenses and paying for my super expensive university fees currently.
He is the one that will concern about my safety everywhere i go, and call me if i didnt back home on my family's curfew hour.

He is my dear daddy. He is my mum's best husband. He is my brother's best role model. He is my sister n my best father!!!!

Therefore, to my dear dear dear dear dearest DADDY....


May all ur wish come true and i pray that u will stay healthy and happy everyday.

And may all ur children grown up to be a person that make u proud. pic : sis - dad - bro - me ^_^

Oh ya, btw, dad finally message me from Korea this morning, so i m very happy today. :)

Well, went Treasure Hunt this morning, ok i just want to jog n exercise actually...and i went back before the event finish...lol.

Er, just in case u dono how IMU orientation's treasuer hunt look like.... U will be so smelly n dirty after all the games. but it's fun.

with Ickes, the one that in charge of the whole treasure hunt, and he used to be my orientation junior!!!! :)

and when a sem 5 OO met a sem 5 SM....
with Liyen
Ren-ping n me. :)

this is what u will get... @_@
Sem 5 edy oso kena bully........sigh. Thanks to mr kheelung!!!!!! I know i m not as hardworking as i should be lar...ok, will study more ok...T_T

Till then.

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MSK - Last week

MSK system course finishing soon....so fast right.

It's edy end of Feb, new batch of juniors coming in, it's ME/DT109, lol, felt abit old now when i see the word M107...and when i look around uni i cant find my seniors anymore, in stead most of them are juniors. Sigh, juniors here juniors there.

ok orientation started, and it's time to release stress by bullying juniors again...lol, i m just joking..
cause After joining orientation for so many semester, felt abit lazy to join all those activities this time and i think i lose my enthusiasm for orientation edy. It's the same every year anyway. and i m sitting for EOS in less than 3 months time.

So best OO award in our batch should give to Yuan Liang ok. haha. i know i m lame.

Anyway, this is what i find it funny for this sem orientation....
First time i see the orientation group actually use our Atrium stage as their group meeting place and do all their props, name tags, flags etc there. It's not like IMU don't have enough PBL room or 4th floor is fully occupied by people. ok i just think those juniors are funny.


Cause i got 2 housemates who were so involve in this orientation, and i need to pick up the bag so i decided to went uni to have a look on the orientation Ice Breaker. Lol this is the advantage of staying less than 5 mins from uni, u can walk over to uni whenever u want...
Ice Breaker... I was there for 20-30 min to fight Oxygen with all of them...sigh the hall is so stuffy and i dono how did all these juniors survive inside for so many hours...
Btw i felt that the juniors are not so enthu like last time. Anyway i m not involve in orientation this time. But hopefully the whole orientation will turn up to be a fun n memorable one, as it always does. =)

Ok i shall proceed to my boring life...
and see the sunset from my room everyday.

I promise to help my friend to promote this concert. It's at UniTEN and i have no idea what is it about actually. But there is some poster at the notice board in Atrium and i saw some UniTEN students in IMU today to promote this. lol.

Ps: sorry i will be abit emo this week since my parents are not in Malaysia this week and i got no one to call when i feel sad. sigh. I OSO WANT TO GO KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till then.

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After 2 years staying in KL and becoming the main tenant of the house, i m really glad that i was blessed wth lots of good housemates...

One of my ex-housemate who is studying in Australia now called me last week to say hi and talk to me, was so glad to hear from her again. And i felt bad cause i was not around to encourage her during her most critical period in uni....cause i was being admitted into hospital then. But anyway, still think that she is a very very nice girl and a very very good housemate. Thanks Michelle Sam.

Besides her, i used to have a housemate that bring me to clinic and then hospital when i accidentally cut my finger, er to be exact i cut my tendon of Extensor Digitorum of left index finger and she waited there with me until the orthopedic confirm that i need to b admitted into hospital. Such a nice girl too.

Then i do have housemate that willing to share alot of thing with me and cook for me and let me use her printer when i really need one.

Now i oso have housemates that really really help me alot when i call them for help, and become body guard when i force them to do so...=_=lll They r really nice person.

But among all my housemates, Amy is the special one, cause she is the only one that stay with me since semester 1 untill now. Although we dont really talk much in uni but amy still a very very good friend to me, and she share alot of things with me when we r at home. Sometime she is abit blur but she is a very very sincere girl.

Therefore, after typing so many "fei hua" above, i want to wish AMY my dear housemate HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY!!!
Really hope u like the surprise party we throw u yesterday night and the mid-night bday song i force cl to sing with me to u... =)

^_^ Specially for AMY!!

oh btw my camera spoilt and i havent got the photos from my friends who bring camera during the bday celebration, so not much photos to show.

This Sook Yee and Amy, both two Ipoh girls.

And i want to thanks Marissa n Jocelyn so so so much for planning and helping.
Marissa - Qian Hui.
Oh and Priscilla too, thanks so much. I really treasure the friendship i have with everyone of u....Thanks for going jogging together with me early in the morning just to compensate the carbs that we r going to eat for dinner...@_@


Next let's talk about study in library AGAIN...
someone forward some photos of strange building in the world to me few days ago, and here's my favourite photos...
Kansas City Public Library, lol i oso hope IMU library will look like that so i will feel more happy studying inside...

And since i m going to study Vertebra Column lecture note later let me show the pic of this building....
Lloyds Building, look like the lateral view of Vertebra body right...lol.

Ok enough showing off my nerdy-ness...these r the pic of the rest of the strange buildings in the world.

Sigh i want to visit all of them lar....!!!!!

I like this house so much...
Ripley Believe or not Building.. I think i saw it in TV before...when i was in primary or secondary school, lol.

And the house for Cute people...
I actually think the green colour side is nicer. ^_^

Ok last photo,
taken in library, hopeless-ly cam-fren me. T_T

Till then.

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Study n Vietnam

Dad called few days ago n ask me when is my exam cause he thought i m having exam recently since i told him im studying when he call. lol so u know how lazy m i that everytime dad call i m not studying one.....haha.

2 years ago i cannot understand why medical students have to be so strees up and keep studying n complaining that they still have 10 weeks left for exam and are worrying for cant finish studying....
Now i understand this feeling edy, cause after getting the EOS 5 timetable, i realize how important is to study constantly.......sigh. Study study lar.

Oh ya and i realize time is very important for everyone of us, and i found out that i actually can rush from my uni lecture hall in 4th floor to my condo, take something from my friend's house, bring the thing to my house, then rush back to uni lecture hall in less than 15 minutes!! and in between the journey talk to few people and say hi to few friends.... lol, cause this is what i do during lecture break from 9am to 9.15am last friday.

Ok i should stop complain about study and typing nonsence, should just blog about something happy....
Like FOOD, these are all Vietnam food, taken when i was there, and my diet plan still going on ok.

And i miss my travel companions in Vietnam.

The little girl is very cute and the guy behind is just background..=_=lll

Till then.

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The weather is super unpredictable these few days....
Few days ago it's so super hot even at night if i want to stay in my room study i cannot close my door cause it's too stuffy.
But this type of weather good for jogging lar, at least everytime when i plan to go jogging it's not raining.....

It's a super long day for me today from morning Lecture to PBL to discussion of IMS to going CSU room teaching juniors CSU to attending Prayer Meet to having a full 2 hours CSU.....
Plan to go jogging after CSU but sigh, the weather spoilt my jogging mood. Cause it's raining so super heavy out there and i think this is the first time i see such heavy rain in Bukit Jalil for this year. Yupe it's super heavy that my dear housemate Amy oso agree that.
Ok, jogging plan failed today and pls pls pray that it's wont rain tomorow cause i really need to jog!!!!

Till then. i finish ranting.

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Of V-day n Mich bday

First of all, today is Michelle Lee's bday,
so Happy 21st bday dear Mich!!!!!!! =)

Next let's talk about valentine day...
To tell u the truth i actually spend my v-day all alone for the past 2 years although i actually have someone special to celebrate with. But this year i happily celebrted v-day with lots of friends although i dont have someone special to celebrate with. lol lol.

Since my life still centre around studies, and more studies, and extra studies...
therefore was suppose to study on last saturday, but......after forcing myself wake up early early morning to go jogging, i actually didnt study much on that day. Sigh, someone pls motivate me to study harder.....T_T

Have lunch with my dear darling Mian Li....er in my house...during v-day.
How i wish i m as thin as her.......and how she wish she is not that thin.

Went for Mich's pre-bday celebration after church service.
The ice-cream bday cake!!!!

Michelle with her cake. I like the crown we make her wear that night...^_^

Me n Mich. =)

Next just photos n photos...
Posing in front of the restaurant with Miss SohSiLing...haha..

Camera = Girl's BEST friend!!!

This is to prove that my camwhore handphone camera can actually fit in 5 people...lol
Back: Li Yen - Si Ling ; Front: Yuan Liang - Qian Hui - Khee Lung

The forever camwhore friends....it's fun ok.
SL - QH - YL
KL - SL - QH

Yuan Liang n his orange colour ballons.....that match his shirt's colour.
Chloe's dress also match the colour of the ballons!

Pls notice that the ballons that each of us holding match the colour of our shirts too!!!!!!! Lol, study too much edy so gila-gila play with the ballons there......

The only one with the shirt that doesnt match the ballon colour...Miss SohSiLing...lol

Qian Qian - Ling Ling

And because the food there is so expensive, lol, therefore we decided to share food.
I dono the name of this dish, i think is Bento set.
Another set, ok i also dono what's the name of this dish, something like Unagi(?!)... Lol.
Because i m not in charge of ordering the food or even finishing the food, so dont blame me...
Was just in charge of posing for the food.....without advertisment fees..
cause not pretty enough.

Well, cause it's an IceCream cake that is so fattening...
Jo my diet planner took an super ugly pic of me eating the cake.
While he himself enjoying the 2nd piece of cake there.....T_T
Ok i edy jog 10 rounds for that piece of cake ok....@_@

And this is Soh Si Ling happily playing with matches n posing without kena scolded. While i kena scolded by KheeLung when i was playing with it...=_=lll

Last photo,
taken in the garden's toilet...lol

Till then.

Ps : I dont like my wireless connection today.

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V - Day

Ok because today is Valentine day so i decided to blog.

Well, since my life is abit boring recently, sigh what do u expect for Semester 5...the last sem in bukit jalil. So it's just centre around uni - house - uni - library - home - church on weekend, then uni - house - library - lec hall .........*cycle repeat*

Sigh even Chap Goh meh oso spent doing this thing.
Dont ask me what is this u will know if u go IMU Ball.

And seeing people emo-ing and posing.
Poser aka Cam-Fren

and his friend

So u know how boring is it.....

Ok i will blog properly next time, i just dono what to write although i really have alot of things in mind, but once i start typing, i end up writing useless stuff. Btw if u happen to be CL or JH fans, pls dont come n harm me ar, i just feel that the photos are nice so post it up here only. Lol

This is call cheeleong's post. Lol

Happy Valentine Day.

Till then. ^_^

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