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Victory Weekend

Went Victory Weekend last weekend. Glad that i have the chance to go during the weekend before my hectic semester 5 start.

This blog post just to upload the photos there. Not suppose to go there have fun one lar. I really learn alot during the weekend, and realize alot of things that i had been ignoring throughout the past few years because i dont want to think about it esp relationship with my dearest family members. Anyway, i m alright now. =)

Selesa Resort's poolside

We have a great time "sun-bathing" beside the pool...lol

This call camwhore i know. Because there is no one at the apartment after i finish my section, so...........this is the result of being bore n alone at home.

Chloe dear!

Jocelyn the Bond girl

Chloe - Qian Hui - Cindy, everyone look sleepy, dono why.

The only guy in our group that go for Victory Weekend...

who is oso
the KungFu master
and the break dancer ^_^

Everyone look happy after took a walk around the resort...
Cindy - Chloe - Jocelyn - Leon

cause get to eat our favourite Ice Cream!!

See how happy are them!! Yeah, we had been set free from all those bondages.....=)

The Water Baptism section.

I like the background of this photo.

Pris - Qian - Joc

Do make new friends there...
This my roommate Zi Ying n Sharon.

Housemate Agape that willingly agree to change room with me when i told her i dont want to sleep alone. Thanks so much Agape n love u so much!!!!!!

Jocelyn!! ...walking down the "Red Carpet" with her "miss malaysia"'s wavy hand

Our leader from Philipine... Lady!

this is how a real paparazzi looks like... Nicholas our photographer of the weekend.

Till then.
I never regret going to Victory Weekend. =)

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