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Of food during CNY

Because it's CNY,
so blog post all about CNY....
CNY biscuit
CNY junk food

BBQ + Steamboat party
once a year,
dear aunt house,
all relatives and the neighbourhood close friends are invited.
Food serve:
T_T Let cry for this poor Baked pig 1st.

Cause my cousin-in-law is going to "slaughter" it and chop off it's meat for this big feast...

BBQ + Steamboat feast

Ok this the evidence of me getting food poisoning after the party, those standing in front of the cookers are mostly my cousin who are 10 years younger than me. @_@
Btw actually they r not my cousin, they r my cousin's son/daughter....omg can u believe they actually need to call me aunt according to our family hierarchy!!!!!! T_T

Wedding Dinner
ok to tell u the truth, i dono who is the bride o groom for this wedding, went cause my mum say "oh, the invitation card write whole family, so u all have to go". T_T
oh ya it's small town wedding dinner, so no hotel room n no nice deco ball room n no experienced emcee, just lots of food
that worsen my stomach pain.
Advice to all - Have a buffet party after ur wedding next time, don't waste ppl time go there wait for each meals to be served.

Till then, pls ask me go study!!!!!!!! @_@ T_T >.<

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