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Monday 19/1

Sem 5 start today. The last sem in Bukit Jalil campus.
Look through the timetable, hectic + hectic + hectic.

Ok, should not slack this semester. All the best to myself. =)

It's really a long day.
8am lecture is going to be a real challenge for me from now onwards. Lol.
and I dont like LT3.

Still cant believe i m entering Semester 5, the most senior sem in this campus. It's really hard, challenging, but at this stage we have no choice but work hard for it.

Anyway, IMU really upgrade ALOT compare to last year, it's more high class now. Of course lar, after earning so much..Just something i dont understand is that, why IMU can spend so much in upgrading the building but cant afford to print us the study guide n CSU manual n lecture notes..>.<

Oh ya, btw i found out that library have a new way to "chase" student out nowadays, they use the clapping hand. Go stay in library till it close to see that toy if u want lar....lol.

Tire. Till then.

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