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KKB - Out of Town

Last post for KKB.

Wish to have more cars so more of us can go visit the dam.
But anyway, we do have fun in the town n hospital ya...

The trip
This photo look like a movie poster or whatever advertisment photo...i forgot which one edy.

The road we taken. Say Hi Jo...lol

Nice Scenery!!

But Yuan liang's stick spoilt the scene...

And My face spoilt the nice view too..lalala...

But still nice to admire the scene!

This is SiewKim's rock... SiewKim - YuanLiang - QianHui

Niki n YLiang: Siew Kim DONT JUMP!!!

The guys : Khee Lung - Nicholas - Yuan Liang - Jo Wearn

Yeah this is my rock!!!

Love this photo.

I dono what is kheelung doing...Poor ah Liang n Niki. =_=lll

with Uncle Jo Jo!!!

LEGS...i like my shoe.

Niki - Liang - Qian - Jo

Failed Bollywood actor...wrong tree according to SiewKim. This is not coconut tree!!!

Jump Yuan Liang JUUMMMPPPPP!!!

If u say only girls like to take photos, u r totally wrong, look at what these guys did.


The 6 of us. =)

The Dam
dono what's the name of this dam, forget edy.

QianHui - SiewKim

We suppose to go have fun there, but look at what the guys did.
1st Jo EMO there alone

Then the 4 of them go EMO together...these photo more to STONE-ing i think.

then EMO somemore......=_=

Anyway, we have fun.

Bye Bye KKB!!!!!!


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