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KKB - fun

If not because of IMU we wont know there is this small town call KKB, near Fraser Hill.
If not because not many people drive there in our group, we wont walk so much n have so much fun...! Love KKB. Except the accomodation part.

KKB = Kami Keluar Bandar
Nicholas our dear driver!!!

Because we not going by bus, so we sesat jalan half way n ended up arrive the hospital earlier than others but skip the hostel briefing section because the briefing is not in the hospital. With Siew Kimmie!!

The hospital
We only have night view group photo here cause we *kononnya* very busy in the morning n afternoon.

Girl's hostel, not as bad as i thought, but still....Advice for juniors: Don't ever volunteer to sleep on the top, chose the bed below. =_=

1st day in the hostel....cause the room is too dirty, therefore, we decided to make Joanna the Cinderella to clean the room, while the "evil sisters" QianHui n SiewKim watching over her.

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan
Wong Ng Kee restaurant. Found this chinese restaurant cause the famous restaurant 98 was having wedding dinner, so we cant have dinner there, therefore, all the 26 of us ended up having dinner there.

Camwhore before dinner : Me + Jocelyn

The noisiest table...

Group F Union dinner..lol

The 2nd day was Siew May's 21st bday...so we decided to buy her 21st bday ice cream.

The Ice Cream shop!!! Delicious n cheap.

3rd day finally have a chance to dine in Restaurant 98...these are all May Quan's favourite foods.

The first floor hostel room girls.

Big mouthSS!!

3rd night which is our last night in kkb, went to the satey shop to buy satey. These ppl cannot tahan the slowness of satey serving, so ended up waiting like that.

Poor Jo Wearn, kena force to pose like a criminer.

Still in the satey shop....so u know how long have we wait!! Qian Hui - Yuan Liang - May Quan

Joanna + Qian Hui

Joanna JoWearn Same Shirt!!! SS!!!!!!!!!

The public phone in front of the satey shop.

The long Queue for public phone...

Papparazi n stalker: Qian Hui - Jocelyn

Serious time
Ok, we know IMU send us there for educational purpose, so we do complete our assignment .... and at least we make Dr Lim's day by that Murphy's sign...!!! Lol
The serious Jocelyn writing History Taking report.

Before class start.... Qian Hui - Jo Wearn

Qian Hui - Jo Wearn - Siew Kim - Nicholas

Group photo, with Dr Lim. The 26 of us!

Reverse of KKB = Balik Ke Kl
Qian Hui - Prema - May Quan - Woh Wei - Joanna - Jocelyn - Siew Kim

Cute Jocelyn!! with SiewKim's pillow.

Waiting for the bus...

Jocelyn posing in the bus

KKB's sky.

Good bye KKB.

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