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KKB - Bday n A&E

We decided to walk around KKB during our last night there, and we saw this Cake shop. Suddenly we come out with this brilliant idea, let's buy a cake n celebrate SiewMay's 21st bday for her since she was force to stuck in KKB during her 21st bday!!

Siew May's bday
Poser in front of the cake shop, while 4 of us inside chosing n paying for the cake.

The birthday cake.

Blowing the candle!

Cutting the cake!

Siew May's 21st bday celebration. Venue: Dining room of girl's hostel. Time: 10.30pm. =)

A & E boredom
Went A&E with the hope of seeing some interesting cases, but the town is too peaceful, nothing happen.

So, when i was so boring in front of the hospital...

and Siew Kim bore till
do the ah pek squat
then go emo posing with Joanna

Hoping for another Mecerdes Benz brand Ambulance coming in....

Posing to release boredom....


Something drop from the sky!!!!
and she brigthen our day!!!!

She posed

She teach Siew Kim to pose

She make me n siewkim smile

She demonstrate to us how to do Power Puff girl pose. Joanna - Jocelyn - Qian Hui

then ask us to pose ourselves. Joanna - Siewkim - Qianhui

She make us pose on the emergency bed

Teaching us the new uses of stethoscope

and make us take a family-style photo in front of the A&E department.

So thanks so much JOCELYN for brighten up our boredom night in front of A & E... Jocelyn - Siew Kim - Joanna - May Quan - Qian Hui

Ok, i know the story line is lame. =_=lll

Till then

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ccc said...

What an excellent A&E!
Proves that the pimary care there is very successful! "D

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