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Just for the sake of update

First of all,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear young Rudy!
and pls dont wear black shirt again for ur bday celebration next time ok!!
sorry no photo cause i no camera today.

*Update* - photos
This is Rudy

The camwhore king

The Cam-fren pro (CL) 's friends... Look at their lips. Ickes - Chee Leong - Rudy

Group 13, as crazy as usual. That's why i LOVE them so much!!!!!

MSK ar MSK, sem 5 ar sem 5.....sigh. hectic sem.
oh ya luckily finish my housework and stop emo edy lar!

Well, diet plan still going on. And i really miss home now, cause my brother finally balik kampung n sister will go back soon. Sigh like they so free n i so busy now......>_< Anyway, let's just hope tomorow i will continue my record of not going late for lecture again lar.......lol

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