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2009, this word still look so new to me,
but i just realize today that today is already the last day of January .... =_=

Ok, alot of things happen in January, still too early to say this is a bad year.
aiya anyhow this just my SS post to write what had happen this month...

1. We change our IMU student ID tag.
Good bye our old ID. I dont like the new one lar, face look so BIG...

Me n Soh Si Ling gila-gila together when bore of queueing for so long....

2. 1st week of the semester only already go library study, n face this stack of books everyday...

3. Balik kampung meet my dearest family
I upload this photo so to show how "pai kia" my brother look like...although he definitely not one ok...

My first meal when i reach home, our family all time favourite Dim Sum!!!

My dearest sister

4. Celebrate Chinese "Niu" Year
Moo~ Moo~

5. Visit my grandma almost everyday during CNY period
Ya, grandma love me too much so she cook me this "herbal" soup n force me to drink. lol Oh, she also ask me go find a bf... T_T *swt n cry*
Btw i edy told her i will take care of myself therefore no need worry for me. So just forget about it lar, i m going to sit for EOS 5 in few months time ok!!!!!

Till then.

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