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I just want to type something

Ok, i realize after so many post of photos...i need to update my blog with something more real, or some thoughts and not just photos photos n more photos that make this page load so slow....

Finally, rotation start, and it started of with that boring Com Med, and unfortunate enough group leaders of the presentation is determine by the sequence in the name list, sigh, ok lar, group leader not much responsibility oso one lar, just a small mini 5 slides presentation only.. lol.

Housemates back home, so no more msn-ing everyday cause i m switching from using cable to wireless now. and the wireless router got some problem i think, very unstable and it always disconnect out of a sudden.

Anyway, 2008 just pass away, very fast. It's definitely not a very good year for me especially recalling back all those quarrels n fighting that i have during the first half of the year, but luckily all this stop once i started sem 4 and everything become ok since then. So now i had decided to say ok to yvloi that i will let go asap ok...lol.

The scary Sem 5 starting soon, n i dont felt prepared for it yet, OMG!!!
I m officially 21 yearold now n i still dont feel that way. But i do have a feeling of becoming old. Sigh..

Ok, i dono what m i typing now, just want to crap only.

Oh ya, i went the curve for count down. That's all.

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