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Home sweet home

Finally back to my hometown!!! Surprisingly, there is no heavy traffic jam yesterday night as expected! =) and this year is the year that i come back the most LATE to kampung in my family, cause my bro n sis edy reach home few days ago...

Anyway, 24Jan today is my FAMILY day!!!!!!! n i m really glad for that.
Well actually i only have few hours sleep yesterday night n lazy to get out of bed this morning, if not because my sister start kacau me with all her soft toys and my mum say let's go shop for new year clothes and my dad say let's go have breakfast......i would have sleep through my sweet saturday morning.....
So i m glad that i m not that lazy.

Went breakfast with my family , ok, i edy start eating, ok...
Then went shopping for new year clothes. I dono is just because me or what, everytime i went shopping in my own hometown before cny, i sure will find the skirt that i like, BUT i search for a skirt in kl for 3 months edy still cant find one i want.. Anyway, glad i found lar.

And for the reason of dieting, let me tell u this,
everytime b4 cny when i go shopping in my hometown, my mum will ask me try some clothes, then i will start hoping that i m thinner so i can fit more nicely into all those nice nice clothes, but every year the same senarior happen n i have the same thought and i never fit nicely to those clothes....that's why the week before cny i was so paranoid n become anorexic-minded. so now dont blame me, the diet plan will still go on ok!!!!

Tomorow CNY's eve, hope everyone have a nice reunion dinner and enjoy the family day!!! Happy Chinese New Year in advanced! =)

Till then.

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