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Head pain

Still not feeling well today despite the >8 hours sleep i have for the pass few days...and head still pain..

Ok, not to say i dont like this rotation, it's is quite ok actually,
just that maybe too long never go for a proper class edy, n just came back from hometown last week, and not feeling that well, blah blah blah lame excuses.....
i m not paying much attention in the classes, but keep laughing instead.

Sorry lar, cant help ok, i tend to laugh when i m blur, so to break the blurness i m having n cheer myself up ok. And who ask me get a DUMB Stimulated Patient that show me a super duper blur face during the BS class...and the fierce Galy that hope that he will remember my name n face n will PRAY hard to get me in his exam next time. Sigh whatever lar, he is not going to remember my name since he dont even know how to pronouce it.

Anyway, laugher is the best medication, dont u guys know that....!!!
Since i m having flu now, and i normally dont take medication during sick, so i should laugh more ok...so that i can get well soon.

Ok, going to kkb soon, they say is an ulu place, nvm lar, i come from a small town anyway, wont be surprise by the ulu-ness there gua. And if my flu still didnt get well that time someone pls buy me a mask if u dont want to get infected by me.

Still in just-want-to-crap-in-blog mode, so for whatever i type just now, pls kindly ignore it if u dont understand.

Till then, i should go rest more.

Oh ya, i really need to change hp lar, it's so difficult to type a proper msg now with my current hp that keep on jam-ing when im typing msg...!!! That's why i prefer to call ppl now, cause it takes me few minutes to finish typing a msg that i can talk to the person in 30 seconds. sigh, my poor samsung hp...=(

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