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CNY 2009

Since dono when i started to love CNY so much! maybe cause the angpao, the food and got to c relatives came back to hometown from different places.

Well every year's CNY has different meaning for me,
although basically my hometown still so crowded, traffic jam seen everywhere, fire crackles sound heard every now n then, firecrackles during CNY's eve still take 1 hour plus to finish, motorcycles passed by the house with lots of noises, uncle aunty give angpao, mum bought me lots of RED colour new year clothes again.......

Anyway, the best CNY i have so far is CNY 2 years ago, while the worst CNY i have so far is CNY 1 year ago. So this year, i still love CNY, but it's neither the best nor the worst anymore. =_=

This year,
CNY eve is fun cause i got to play with my dear cousins.

CNY 1st day is fun oso cause i got to see alot of my church friends and went to some of my secondary school classmate's house. and my dad actually allow me to drive alone!!!

CNY 2nd day is not bad oso cause we have our secondary school class gathering and i even do something that i think i m very brave.

CNY 3rd day i was sick, strongly believe is due to food poisoning cause i went my aunt's house for a bbq + steamboat party, and those who are in front of the bbq + steamboat cooker cooking for us is a bunch of small kids - my cousins....omg... Therefore i conclude that they just simply cook and cause my stomach pain throughout the day...=_=lll

CNY 4th day all my siblings back to work and study, leave me alone at home. T_T

Ok i finally update my blog cause i feel bad for this blog after being neglected by me for so many days......will upload photos when i have mood lar.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. Wish u have a great one. ^_^

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Qian said...

Hi Lishun!! Happy cny... hope u have fun too, hope to see you soon too....=)

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