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Belated CNY post

It's already 5th day of CNY....
and i m still blogging about CNY. =_=
Love this flowers, i dono what it call in Eng lar, but i really love Mei Hua since young cause it's so so so NICE!!!

My annual celebration for CNY in hometown - Thanksgiving Service in Church
Spend my CNY eve morning in church too...the youth of my church.

Ps : all photos had been edited in this blog post cause im showing photos of my church members, so privacy count...

My sister

CNY Day 1 -
Church celebration. =)

The Flower baskets
This is Hui Ing the flower girl!! Pretty leh, i mean both Hui Ing n the flower basket...lol
and the rest of us - "Flower" girls + couple + guy

Because i think she is very cute, so i decided to upload Geok Er photos here...
Geok Er, she look abit like Rainnie Yang, i think.

Geok Er with her brother, Lee Hom.

Another poser
they are the cutest sibling that i had ever seen ok!! Know why they r so CUTE + ADORABLE + PRETTY + HANDSOME? cause they have a very pretty mum!

See, even their elder sister Geok Chee oso look so pretty!!! so if u want ur future daughter/son to be so good looking, u know what to do lar. >.<

Next, my family photo.....brother dono busy to where edy. sigh...
ok i know i look super anaemic here. Lighting problem ok.

Just want to show photos of the pastors of the church since i m celebrating CNY in church and since i m in the pastor family of the church...

Next few photos just upload only, no description for the photos, cause i edy too tire to type liao....give comment if u want lar. The guy with white coat red shirt will happily receive any comment made. And i m just keeping promise only.

Oh ya the firecrakers in my hometown is very nice!

Till then.

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