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Ang Pao

One of the best part during CNY for those who r still single n not married is Receiving ANG PAO!!!
Ang pao ang pao Ang Pao....

Oh i realize nowadays, ang pao packet had been more creative-ly made!!!

1. Go-green angpao
by Digi, got recycle tips behind one, then there is a school timetable and ....
Arithmetical table some more one...!!!! Remember those Chinese primary school days?? We used to memorize this until can say it out loud in less than 1 minute for each table......Chinese school student...

2. Discount voucher Angpao
"Please produce this ang pow packet when you place your order"

3. Lucky number Ang pao
so u can go buy more 4D
I decided to give my lucky number for whoever that believes in it....9228...=_=lll

4. Normal angpao, i just think this angpao is very cute.


Gong Xi Gong Xi. =) Photo taken during my form 5 class gathering : Yvon - Suh Jen - Yi En - Qian Hui
Taken cause they say we are wearing Red - Yellow - Green - Blue, the colour of the teams during our formal school Sports Day..lol.

Till then.

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