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3 days in KKB

finally finish!!! and i m finally back to my home with hot shower n no more sleeping on a double decker bed n have nightmare everynight....!!

Well, after ignoring my blog for so many days, i finally decided to type something here.

KKB = Kuala Kubu Bharu, go there cause IMU send us to the hospital there for posting. Living condition there is not as bad as i thought, although it really not a very pleasant one. But my group members are quite fun! Most of us can understand Chinese, so i think language similarity make some of us closer sometime, cause i realize most of the time we communicate in Mandarine, cool leh...

Quite tire actually after the 3 days posting, esp after camping in front of A & E department till midnight yesterday n c no interesting case in the end of the day...=_=

That's all i want to say for now lar, KKB is really fun, i will really miss it. =)

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