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2009, this word still look so new to me,
but i just realize today that today is already the last day of January .... =_=

Ok, alot of things happen in January, still too early to say this is a bad year.
aiya anyhow this just my SS post to write what had happen this month...

1. We change our IMU student ID tag.
Good bye our old ID. I dont like the new one lar, face look so BIG...

Me n Soh Si Ling gila-gila together when bore of queueing for so long....

2. 1st week of the semester only already go library study, n face this stack of books everyday...

3. Balik kampung meet my dearest family
I upload this photo so to show how "pai kia" my brother look like...although he definitely not one ok...

My first meal when i reach home, our family all time favourite Dim Sum!!!

My dearest sister

4. Celebrate Chinese "Niu" Year
Moo~ Moo~

5. Visit my grandma almost everyday during CNY period
Ya, grandma love me too much so she cook me this "herbal" soup n force me to drink. lol Oh, she also ask me go find a bf... T_T *swt n cry*
Btw i edy told her i will take care of myself therefore no need worry for me. So just forget about it lar, i m going to sit for EOS 5 in few months time ok!!!!!

Till then.

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Of food during CNY

Because it's CNY,
so blog post all about CNY....
CNY biscuit
CNY junk food

BBQ + Steamboat party
once a year,
dear aunt house,
all relatives and the neighbourhood close friends are invited.
Food serve:
T_T Let cry for this poor Baked pig 1st.

Cause my cousin-in-law is going to "slaughter" it and chop off it's meat for this big feast...

BBQ + Steamboat feast

Ok this the evidence of me getting food poisoning after the party, those standing in front of the cookers are mostly my cousin who are 10 years younger than me. @_@
Btw actually they r not my cousin, they r my cousin's son/daughter....omg can u believe they actually need to call me aunt according to our family hierarchy!!!!!! T_T

Wedding Dinner
ok to tell u the truth, i dono who is the bride o groom for this wedding, went cause my mum say "oh, the invitation card write whole family, so u all have to go". T_T
oh ya it's small town wedding dinner, so no hotel room n no nice deco ball room n no experienced emcee, just lots of food
that worsen my stomach pain.
Advice to all - Have a buffet party after ur wedding next time, don't waste ppl time go there wait for each meals to be served.

Till then, pls ask me go study!!!!!!!! @_@ T_T >.<

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Belated CNY post

It's already 5th day of CNY....
and i m still blogging about CNY. =_=
Love this flowers, i dono what it call in Eng lar, but i really love Mei Hua since young cause it's so so so NICE!!!

My annual celebration for CNY in hometown - Thanksgiving Service in Church
Spend my CNY eve morning in church too...the youth of my church.

Ps : all photos had been edited in this blog post cause im showing photos of my church members, so privacy count...

My sister

CNY Day 1 -
Church celebration. =)

The Flower baskets
This is Hui Ing the flower girl!! Pretty leh, i mean both Hui Ing n the flower basket...lol
and the rest of us - "Flower" girls + couple + guy

Because i think she is very cute, so i decided to upload Geok Er photos here...
Geok Er, she look abit like Rainnie Yang, i think.

Geok Er with her brother, Lee Hom.

Another poser
they are the cutest sibling that i had ever seen ok!! Know why they r so CUTE + ADORABLE + PRETTY + HANDSOME? cause they have a very pretty mum!

See, even their elder sister Geok Chee oso look so pretty!!! so if u want ur future daughter/son to be so good looking, u know what to do lar. >.<

Next, my family photo.....brother dono busy to where edy. sigh...
ok i know i look super anaemic here. Lighting problem ok.

Just want to show photos of the pastors of the church since i m celebrating CNY in church and since i m in the pastor family of the church...

Next few photos just upload only, no description for the photos, cause i edy too tire to type liao....give comment if u want lar. The guy with white coat red shirt will happily receive any comment made. And i m just keeping promise only.

Oh ya the firecrakers in my hometown is very nice!

Till then.

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Ang Pao

One of the best part during CNY for those who r still single n not married is Receiving ANG PAO!!!
Ang pao ang pao Ang Pao....

Oh i realize nowadays, ang pao packet had been more creative-ly made!!!

1. Go-green angpao
by Digi, got recycle tips behind one, then there is a school timetable and ....
Arithmetical table some more one...!!!! Remember those Chinese primary school days?? We used to memorize this until can say it out loud in less than 1 minute for each table......Chinese school student...

2. Discount voucher Angpao
"Please produce this ang pow packet when you place your order"

3. Lucky number Ang pao
so u can go buy more 4D
I decided to give my lucky number for whoever that believes in it....9228...=_=lll

4. Normal angpao, i just think this angpao is very cute.


Gong Xi Gong Xi. =) Photo taken during my form 5 class gathering : Yvon - Suh Jen - Yi En - Qian Hui
Taken cause they say we are wearing Red - Yellow - Green - Blue, the colour of the teams during our formal school Sports Day..lol.

Till then.

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CNY 2009

Since dono when i started to love CNY so much! maybe cause the angpao, the food and got to c relatives came back to hometown from different places.

Well every year's CNY has different meaning for me,
although basically my hometown still so crowded, traffic jam seen everywhere, fire crackles sound heard every now n then, firecrackles during CNY's eve still take 1 hour plus to finish, motorcycles passed by the house with lots of noises, uncle aunty give angpao, mum bought me lots of RED colour new year clothes again.......

Anyway, the best CNY i have so far is CNY 2 years ago, while the worst CNY i have so far is CNY 1 year ago. So this year, i still love CNY, but it's neither the best nor the worst anymore. =_=

This year,
CNY eve is fun cause i got to play with my dear cousins.

CNY 1st day is fun oso cause i got to see alot of my church friends and went to some of my secondary school classmate's house. and my dad actually allow me to drive alone!!!

CNY 2nd day is not bad oso cause we have our secondary school class gathering and i even do something that i think i m very brave.

CNY 3rd day i was sick, strongly believe is due to food poisoning cause i went my aunt's house for a bbq + steamboat party, and those who are in front of the bbq + steamboat cooker cooking for us is a bunch of small kids - my cousins....omg... Therefore i conclude that they just simply cook and cause my stomach pain throughout the day...=_=lll

CNY 4th day all my siblings back to work and study, leave me alone at home. T_T

Ok i finally update my blog cause i feel bad for this blog after being neglected by me for so many days......will upload photos when i have mood lar.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. Wish u have a great one. ^_^

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Home sweet home

Finally back to my hometown!!! Surprisingly, there is no heavy traffic jam yesterday night as expected! =) and this year is the year that i come back the most LATE to kampung in my family, cause my bro n sis edy reach home few days ago...

Anyway, 24Jan today is my FAMILY day!!!!!!! n i m really glad for that.
Well actually i only have few hours sleep yesterday night n lazy to get out of bed this morning, if not because my sister start kacau me with all her soft toys and my mum say let's go shop for new year clothes and my dad say let's go have breakfast......i would have sleep through my sweet saturday morning.....
So i m glad that i m not that lazy.

Went breakfast with my family , ok, i edy start eating, ok...
Then went shopping for new year clothes. I dono is just because me or what, everytime i went shopping in my own hometown before cny, i sure will find the skirt that i like, BUT i search for a skirt in kl for 3 months edy still cant find one i want.. Anyway, glad i found lar.

And for the reason of dieting, let me tell u this,
everytime b4 cny when i go shopping in my hometown, my mum will ask me try some clothes, then i will start hoping that i m thinner so i can fit more nicely into all those nice nice clothes, but every year the same senarior happen n i have the same thought and i never fit nicely to those clothes....that's why the week before cny i was so paranoid n become anorexic-minded. so now dont blame me, the diet plan will still go on ok!!!!

Tomorow CNY's eve, hope everyone have a nice reunion dinner and enjoy the family day!!! Happy Chinese New Year in advanced! =)

Till then.

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To my dear hometown friends

Read this .. =)

I think the photo explain all i want to say...
All my friends from my hometown know Chinese, so no translation sorry.

CNY coming soon....very soon.......time really flies!!!!!!!
Happy Chinese New Year!

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Just for the sake of update

First of all,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear young Rudy!
and pls dont wear black shirt again for ur bday celebration next time ok!!
sorry no photo cause i no camera today.

*Update* - photos
This is Rudy

The camwhore king

The Cam-fren pro (CL) 's friends... Look at their lips. Ickes - Chee Leong - Rudy

Group 13, as crazy as usual. That's why i LOVE them so much!!!!!

MSK ar MSK, sem 5 ar sem 5.....sigh. hectic sem.
oh ya luckily finish my housework and stop emo edy lar!

Well, diet plan still going on. And i really miss home now, cause my brother finally balik kampung n sister will go back soon. Sigh like they so free n i so busy now......>_< Anyway, let's just hope tomorow i will continue my record of not going late for lecture again lar.......lol

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Victory Weekend

Went Victory Weekend last weekend. Glad that i have the chance to go during the weekend before my hectic semester 5 start.

This blog post just to upload the photos there. Not suppose to go there have fun one lar. I really learn alot during the weekend, and realize alot of things that i had been ignoring throughout the past few years because i dont want to think about it esp relationship with my dearest family members. Anyway, i m alright now. =)

Selesa Resort's poolside

We have a great time "sun-bathing" beside the pool...lol

This call camwhore i know. Because there is no one at the apartment after i finish my section, so...........this is the result of being bore n alone at home.

Chloe dear!

Jocelyn the Bond girl

Chloe - Qian Hui - Cindy, everyone look sleepy, dono why.

The only guy in our group that go for Victory Weekend...

who is oso
the KungFu master
and the break dancer ^_^

Everyone look happy after took a walk around the resort...
Cindy - Chloe - Jocelyn - Leon

cause get to eat our favourite Ice Cream!!

See how happy are them!! Yeah, we had been set free from all those bondages.....=)

The Water Baptism section.

I like the background of this photo.

Pris - Qian - Joc

Do make new friends there...
This my roommate Zi Ying n Sharon.

Housemate Agape that willingly agree to change room with me when i told her i dont want to sleep alone. Thanks so much Agape n love u so much!!!!!!

Jocelyn!! ...walking down the "Red Carpet" with her "miss malaysia"'s wavy hand

Our leader from Philipine... Lady!

this is how a real paparazzi looks like... Nicholas our photographer of the weekend.

Till then.
I never regret going to Victory Weekend. =)

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