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When u miss ur hometown...

u will miss ur hometown friends too...

There is a small town in Perak call AYER TAWAR .
and that's my hometown.
There is a school in Ayer Tawar call SMJK Ayer Tawar.
and that's my secondary school name, quite swt i know.

Well, catch up with some of my secondary school friends after my exam, kind of miss our secondary school days, that we are so carefree, that we are so united as a class, that i still can use chinese as my one and the ONLY language in school. So now u know why my English so bad lar.=_=lll

Anyway, alot of things has change since we apart after secondary school,alot of things has change after we start studying in KL, the only things that will never change and i hope it wont ever change is our friendship and some of our silly jokes.

I realize i seldom put up photos of my secondary school friends, so i decided to upload photos here...some of the photos taken long long time ago i know, but nvm lar, reminiscing always make us happy. =)

Taken during ShinChin 21st pre-bday celebration. =)

Taken when BoonKeong is back to Malaysia from Ukraine n make us camwhore so much in WanXin house.

Taken few weeks before Bryan fly over to Liverpool University. He is my best class monitor btw. Miss his sarcastic way of making fun of people lar.

Taken few days ago when the "future teacher" and my only classmate who stay back in Perak to further her study after Form 6, LingWanXin finally decided to come KL play n hang up with us. But sadly that DiewLeong dono disappear to where soon after met with us.

Really miss everyone in my secondary school class now. =)
and i dono why i look so ugly in all the above photos..sigh...

Oh ya, was organising my photo's folder in my laptope recently, n i saw the photos taken during our orientation committee member's final meeting + potluck. So i decided to upload it too.
Well the amount of photos is too much lar, if i upload one by one it will take a thousand years to load my blog page....so i decided to combine it.

and finally,
Group photo.
Note that we r actually trying to do our batch significant pose, but in the end realize that we dont have our own significant pose, so we end up copy the pose from our junior.....

Till then

Ps, i just realize i took too many photos in Vietnam,
So now have a hard time to filter out those useless one....sigh, consequences of having a digital camera, we tend to took useless photos.
So i guess i need another decade to blog about vietnam lar.....

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